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Characteristics of A Quality Court Reporter

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If you are planning to employ a quality court reporter, there are few key characteristics that you should know. A court reporter should perform his job and prove his worth, of course, but there are five key points that you should ponder. These intangibles points are critical in hiring decision.

Although it is a court reporter is a tough career, however, there are a couple of characteristics that set the foremost court reporters above the rest. These are the five characteristics that they should possess.







One of the most important characteristics of a good court reporter is concentration. A good court reporter concentrates on the task without getting distracted by the outside talks and events. Because of the good concentration, he will be able to record the hearings in his mind and reply with spontaneity. A quality court reporter is expected to pay attention to the minute details of the case. This way, a court reporter with exceptional concentration skills is ahead of the game.


Organization is the essence of the legal cases. A good court reporter will learn how to use the stenotype machine. Apart from learning the stenotype machine, he will learn to file documents and organize a workspace too. Many court reporters are dependent on some other person who takes care of the documents and files, but a good court reporter will maintain and file documents on their own. This also means that he will know the nitty-gritty of the entire situations very well.


Usually, the court reporting cases take place in a standard courtroom only, but there are some proceedings that can take place after the business hours at different locations as well. For this sole reason, flexibility among court reporters is a must. A good court reporter will work beyond the business hours, will not limit the locations and will likely miss out on his important work as well. This will prove him to be a good employer and he will generate confidence too.


Yes, you heard it right! Good court reporters will posses this important trait. In the court reporting business, there are certain subjects that need basic maturity to handle it. A court reporter should know how to keep his or her cool during the task at hand in order to take an appropriate and emotion-free decision.


The significance of punctuality in a court reporter’s life, as well as in his career, can never be taken too seriously. As court reporter is an imperative part of legal proceedings, his or her timeliness is of the essence. If the proceedings of the case are waiting because of a court reporter, it clearly means that the court reporter is not serious and this will also not create a good impression on the employer mind as well.

By knowing these simple yet important points, one can hire a good court reporter. Remember, a court reporter is representing you and your problem; therefore, your decision should be wise.


John Thomas is an expert in the field of courtroom reporting and frequently writes many articles and blogs, helping people in picking up the skills necessary to get into this profession. He recommends as the name to trust for any information relating to becoming a court reporter in Oklahoma.


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