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Charity Trek To Everest Base Camp- Passion Is The Fuel

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The Everest Base Camp Trek is one of the world’s classic challenges. Not everyone has what it takes to complete the trek. Climbers need to have nerves of steel and will power as hard as concrete to get them to the top. Still the world continues to be amazed by people who are mere novices who go ahead and complete the trek what is it about these people that gives them the strength and power to complete this most difficult of climbs?


Each passing year witnesses more and more people taking up charity Everest base camp trek to raise money for the cause they support. Ever since Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay achieved the summit in 1953 thousands of trekkers across the globe have thought to themselves- ‘well, perhaps I can at least make it to the base camp!’ But as it is rightly said, dreaming is easy, actually doing the task is hard. Surviving in these most trying circumstances can push anyone to their breaking point.


Even those people who have climbing experience in their pasts find the trek to be difficult and challenging. Generally these people who decide to go on a charity hike to Everest base camp are not seasoned climbers at all. Still we witness that they not only complete the trek, but they do so with flair. Whatever their reason for choosing this challenge, trekkers find that trek to Everest base camp for charity is a life changing experience. The common factor uniting these people and fuelling their will to keep going is the passion.


When you take up a challenge for a cause, a transformation happens. Now you have a purpose for facing this challenge. You are not doing this for the fun of it anymore. Whatever the challenge might be, your determination to overcome the obstacles and reach your target only gets more focused with the fact that a lot depends on your success. The hopes and aspirations of many are dependent on your performance. And this is what drives people to go beyond their limits and complete extra ordinary feats.


Passion is the key factor that drives people to successfully complete their charity trek to Everest base camp. If you are truly passionate about the cause that you support and really want to help out in the charity with all your heart, then nothing can stop you from going all the way. No matter what challenges you might face along the route to Everest base camp, the key is not to give up. Remember the reason why you are here, the cause that you are doing this for. Channel your feelings into your performance and before you know it, you will have completed the journey. And that feeling that you came all the way, that you did not give up and that you fulfilled the target that you had set for yourself will be a satisfaction like no other. That will be one feeling that you will never forget as long as you live!


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Paul is an avid adventure enthusiast who runs an organization called Private Himalaya. With his company, he offers trekking opportunities and bespoke hiking packages to those wishing to trek in the Himalayas, especially those hoping to complete the famous Everest Base camp trek.


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  • Posted On August 17, 2012
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