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cheap nike heels nz the European Central Bank

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Eurostat (Eurostat) data released yesterday showed that the euro zone in February trade account recorded a surplus, thanks to its large extent, a large number of Germany’s exports. Eurozone month is not seasonally adjusted trade surplus of 2.8 billion euros, as amended in January to 7.9 billion euros deficit, the initial value for the deficit of 76 billion euros, compared with a deficit of 28 billion euros in February 2011. Yesterday, a Spanish 10-year government bond yields during the year for the first time exceeded 6%, and further approaching 7% of the nike heels  life and death mark the country’s sovereign credit default swaps (CDS) rates hit a record high last week; Italian 10-year government bond yields The rate also rose to above 5.60%. International rating agencies Moody’s (Moody’s), the French rating outlook to negative does not mean that its rating will soon be adjusted, which only shows that the direction of France rating in the next 12 to 18 months may change. An analyst with Fitch Ratings (Fitch), Fitch does not currently consider adjusting the rating of Italy and that Italy’s 2013 balanced budget target will be a modest decline, the Italian budgetary measures to gradually reduce the debt to be reliable and consistent.

Moody’s (Moody’s) pointed out yesterday in the latest release of the capital markets weekly, due to high oil prices, the upcoming release of UK CPI and the Bank of England meeting minutes are expected to re-emerging inflationary concerns. Moody’s report suggests further quantitative easing might not come out due to inflationary pressures will prompt the Bank of England to take action to promote economic growth cautious. The data released by the British network of real estate agents Rightmove, UK April Rightmove the average asking price index for Housing monthly rate increase of 2.9 percent, to 243,737 pounds / household, the average house asking price index annual rate of 3.4% increase.

U.S. New York Federal Reserve data released yesterday, the United States in April New York Fed manufacturing index is +6.56, far less than expected +18.00, the former level with the value of +20.21. U.S. Department of Commerce (DOC) released a report yesterday, the U.S. business inventories in February monthly rate increase of 0.6 percent, to $ 1.578 trillion, is expected to rise 0.6 percent. Revised in January, the monthly rate increase of 0.8%, the initial value for growth of 0.7%.

From a technical point of view, although on the last Friday of the foreign exchange market, the dollar end of the adjustment there was a substantial rebound. The dollar index rose to 79.92, closing at 79.89. The euro / dollar, there was a substantial drop in the minimum fell to 1.3069, closing at 1.3075.

Kenuo Te on the Management Committee of cheap nike heels nz  the European Central Bank (ECB) said on Friday its hope that the European Central Bank is no longer forced to buy government bonds, although this policy tool is still. The bond market data, Spain 5-year credit default swaps hit 500 basis points for the first time, days rose 23 basis points. Italian Bureau of Statistics (Istat) released data show that Italy rose after month rate of industrial output fell 0.7 percent, far below the decline in the expected level of 0.2% before correction for the decline, 2.6%, the initial value fell 2.5 percent.


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