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Check out Blood, Lies & Alibis S-01 EP010 ~The Woeful Widow~

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Previously on Blood, Lies & Alibis Year 1 Episode 9 “The Woodchipper Killer”, A woman goes absent after a Connecticut snowstorm plus her husband claims she has left him for yet another man, but an eyewitness explains to a gruesome tale.

On this week’s Event title “The Woeful Widow”, Chronicling the crimes regarding Stacey Castor, who was convicted belonging to the murder of her second husband and also the attempted murder of your girlfriend daughter.

All new series “Blood, Lies and Alibis” dig’s deep in hunting for clues and put’s you inside heart of the study.

When a killer affects, the trail to conviction may be long and arduous. Investigators sift through a tangle of evidence by crime scenes slick using blood; suspects and witnesses look be hiding something; and even the most suspicious characters claim to own an alibi. BLOOD, LIES AND ALIBIS tracks criminal investigators because they unravel the stories driving cold blooded killings.

With the help regarding forensic evidence, old fashioned legwork, and years of dogged determination, detectives and district attorneys deliver justice to family members and communities mourning his or her dead.

Blood, Lies & Alibis Season 1 Episode 10 Online Free Stream


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