This month I wrote an article on the benefits of massage and while writing the article I realized how the benefits of massage were very similar to the benefits I receive from the Sun Ancon Chi Machine.  It becomes more apparent each day why I enjoy my chi machine so much!

When I first went to research massage therapy and its benefits there were so many different types of massage I became overwhelmed and decided to begin with a small selection of the most known types of massage and their benefits. The massage types I reviewed were Aromatherapy, Deep Tissue, Hot Stone, Lymph Drainage, Relaxation or Swedish, Shiatsu, Sports, and Thai.  Some of the main benefits of these types of massage include improving posture, strengthening the immune system by improving the flow of the lymphatic system, relaxing the nervous system, body and muscles, relieving constipation by promoting peristalsis, and reducing fatigue caused by lactic acid from over exercising. These types of massages also help in providing relief from stress and pain, improving circulation, and reducing inflammation.

There is no doubt how beneficial massage therapy can be. When I think of the above benefits and the benefits Dr. Inoue talked about in his book there are several similarities. The Sun Ancon Chi Machine, also known as a passive aerobic exerciser and therapeutic massager definitely provides similar benefits. The chi machine creates a figure 8 movement throughout the body with a gentle oscillation back and forth through the foot cradle. This back and forth motion is approximately 140-144 movements per minute or twice the normal heartbeat. This gentle movement provides spinal balancing which can be compared to improving posture.Our spine is defined by areas of our vertebrae each corresponding to different areas throughout our body. The cervical, thoracic, lumbar, sacrum and coccyx all relate to specific areas and parts of the body. With these areas aligned our nervous system can balance itself and our innate intelligence can openly communicate with our bodies so we can become harmonious.

When are bodies are harmonious or our chi is flowing properly, constipation, inflammation, immune system function can all improve. Lymphatic Drainage massage’s main focus is to move the lymph system. The Chi Machine’s movement stimulates globulin production, which increases the immune system’s defense capacity, which increases the movement of lymph fluid. When our lymph system is flowing it helps cleanse the body and eliminate harmful substances.

Stress is still a major cause of many illnesses today. At least once per day I hear someone say I didn’t have time to do that I have been so busy. Why are we all so busy when we need to take the time that is needed to take care of ourselves and manage our stress? I feel people need to make sure they take time out of their busy schedules for a therapeutic massage once or twice a month or using the
chi machine
for 10 minutes daily since these are two things that provide many healthy benefits. When we are stressed our bodies are tense and our flow of energy is impaired.  I think one of the key benefits o f the chi machine is that it makes me take 15 minutes out of my day to lye there, relax, breathe deep and go with the flow of the movement of the Sun Ancon Chi Machine. This always makes me feel relaxed with less tightness throughout my muscles, allowing me some pain relief.  If it is hard for you to relax, try adding some aromatherapy to your massage or chi machine session.  Lavender diluted in carrier oil and applied to your pulse points or feet will help you relax during your session.


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