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Childhood Obesity – Dooming Kids For the Rest of Their Lives

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Professionals and researchers have been watching the growing trend since the 1980s. Children, pre-teens and teens have been steadily gaining more weight, and the health implications are enormous. A plethora of research and study has been performed in the last twenty-plus years. One thing is certain, obesity during younger years is a serious risk factor for very serious diseases in later years. The important thing for parents to understand is there is more to the story. Kids who are clinically obese and grossly overweight will experience these health effects a long time before they grow to be adults.

For kids, teens and adults who suffer from obesity, Type II diabetes is a real threat. Obviously, it kind of makes sense that it has the possibility of developing. This particular kind of diabetes is different from Type I in that it can be prevented in some cases. Type II diabetes is most often caused by obesity and other weight related issues and a prolonged sedentary existence. An obese body is under more pressure to produce insulin than a body that is not obese. There is obviously, in this situation, a far greater amount of person who needs the hormone. Then, in time the body simply becomes resistant to insulin and Type II occurs. Widespread research has proven that kids who suffer from obesity are far more likely to suffer from sleep apnea than kids who arent obese. This condition is alarming because it leads to the blocking of a childs airway while he or she is sleeping. Kids who are overweight or suffer from obesity are more likely to have issues with snoring but thats not as straightforward as it sounds, say the researchers who have been studying the problem. The reason for the snoring (some of the time anyway) is OSA or Obstructive Sleep Apnea. One possible approach to the problem is a procedure called an adenotonsillectomy which is meant to treat the condition specifically in young people.

Researchers still dont know if there is a direct correlation between obesity and early onset puberty which is more common in girls than in boys. Of course there is definitely more common sense and looking at the things we know now involved. To use a couple of examples we already know that kids who are overweight and obese go into puberty sooner and grow more quickly than non obese kids. But it is a time in which clear decisions need to be made as to what causes what. While this is obviously not a really serious threat to the health of obesity related conditions there are definitely issues that can be related to the early onset of puberty.

Obviously once obese children have reached this point, they are already at intense physical and social disadvantages. We all know how hard it is to lose weight and that you have to be very determined and have lots of support to do it. It is important for parents and friends to offer as much support as they can. Children and young adults alike can be very resilient and can bounce back from problems once healthy directions are taken. But of course the clincher is whether or not the children already suffer from any major medical conditions.

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