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Childhood Obesity – The Bleak and Harsh Outlook for The Future

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Press coverage is something that childhood obesity has been getting a lot of for a long time. This press coverage has made little difference to these epidemic proportions, especially in the US.

We all generally know what the causes are, but we are not here to discuss that or assign blame. In the later years of a childs life they can have major health dangers or even have their life threatened if they are obese or overweight now. A noticeable percentage of an entire generation is suffering physically and also in psychological areas. The teen years are difficult enough to endure, we all remember, without having to endure the brutality of their peers just because they are overweight. Lets take a closer look at what the obese child is facing, today.

Hypertension or high blood pressure is almost synonymous with obesity regardless of age. There are some major medical conditions that dont get seen during childhood obesity and others that are likely to appear. High blood pressure is one of these problems and it is most commonly diagnosed in young people who are severely obese or overweight. Not only is there physical stress put on the body from the extra weight; there is intense psychological stress as well. Obese children are routinely abused verbally and physically by their classmates. So all of that adds up to a chronically high stress situation which also contributes to the formation of high blood pressure.

Just about all obese people suffer from any of a number of psychological issues as well. When it seems like all of the kids in your class abuse you every day, that will cause serious stress, anxiety, low self esteem, poor to zero self confidence and maybe even hatred toward self or others. There are all quiet problems that obese kids and teens typically try to handle all by themselves. After the situation has progressed enough and over enough time that person might develop sociopathic behaviors. We cant find any honest data about the number of obese high school students who end up going to college. Our guess is that the number is relatively small and that there are quite a lot more obese high school kids than college kids. Could you really blame them for choosing not to go when they probably imagine those years to be just as torturous as their high school years?

You already know that there is a horrible social stigma that gets attached to kids and teens who are obese. Going to school every day must be something on par with being tortured for these kids. The effects of prolonged teasing, hurtful comments and bullying can cause psychological scars that can be damaging for a persons whole life. Each person will react in some different manner, to be sure. The ripple effects from this can be large and serious and it is important to get obese teens and kids and adults into counseling so that they can properly deal with the effects of these kinds of things. Early onset obesity is a real problem that affects even those who do not suffer from it. It is also important to look at this from the viewpoint of cost to the overall society. Obese kids will usually become obese adults, and there are costs associated with medical, lost time from work, etc. So this is honestly a societal problem even though that is not how most people think of it.

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