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Children And Teens Are Increasingly Becoming Obese

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It wasn’t all that long ago that obesity and all of its complications were limited to adulthood. In the United States, things have deteriorated over the last thirty years or so. In addition to more adults being overweight, children and teenagers are developing this condition at ever younger years. For kids, the most obvious influences are going to be their parents but education and awareness are important too. It is, however, the parents who must offer guidance and act as positive role models. What the obese child is facing are immediate threats to physical health and mental well-being. Looking beyond that, the kids are also at high risk for lots of issues that won’t surface until later on. For kids, this is an awful one-two punch that is almost impossible to beat back and get over.

The child who is obese is on a crushing path heading right for awful health problems. One problem, for example, is fatty liver disease (which is just about the most common liver disease). It wasn’t that long ago that most liver problems were blamed on alcoholism or sclerosis of the liver. Now, though, we understand that chronic obesity is a major factor in fatty liver disease. What usually exacerbates the overall problem with the liver is the simple fact that obese people have severely dysfunctional metabolism. The liver helps by getting rid of anything that is not good for the body. This puts an intense demand and weight upon the rest of the body’s systems in kids who are obese.

Mostly the risks will develop in your cardiovascular system. Triglycerides are in the fatty blood profiles of obese children as well as having elevated serum cholesterol. The early development of these heart disease precursors early in life is something that requires immediate intervention. So, just imagine a very young person taking prescription medication to counter the effects of high cholesterol. When adults take this medication, there are known side effects that they have to accept.

The situation is only complicated for a young child or teen due to such medicines.

Part and parcel with the bullying and general social ostracizing encountered at school, overweight and obese children/teens are practically guaranteed to develop social dysfunction. Another term people use is “social disabilities” which come with a high degree of high levels of unhappiness, depression, etc. All of this will result in a crazy high stress level which, as you know, can lead to any number of problems both psychologically as well as physically. Some obese kids deal with this by becoming bullies. This is, obviously, happening because the bullied children are acting out their feelings of frustration and anger at having been bullied themselves.

Obviously, by the time they have reached this condition, these kids are at a tremendous social and physical disadvantage. We all already understand that losing that amount of weight is difficult and to do it at all, you will need to have a lot of support and determination to do so. Parents and any friends the child has need to be as supportive as humanly possible. Children and young adults alike can be very resilient and can bounce back from problems once healthy directions are taken. Of course, it depends on whether or not any medical conditions are present.

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