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china red wine accounts for 91 percent of total consumption

  • Posted April 15, 2012
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The annual IWSR survey covers 28 producing countries and 114 consumption markets.Among notable trends identified in China, red wine accounts for 91 percent of total consumption, but a 19 percent increase in white wine consumption in 2011 from 2010 indicates that Chinese drinkers are growing fonder of whites.In the meantime, imported wines accounted for 15 percent in 2010, with France the leading supplier, accounting for 42.74 percent of total imports, ahead of Australia. In value terms, non-Chinese wines represented 37.4 percent of total sales.

Alcohol related regulations, as far as distribution and labeling, are almost non existent; although the bureaucracy in China being what it is, this may change at any given moment. This climate of relaxed standards is a mecca for unscrupulous importers and bottlers, and it should be considered that legitimate concerns will have to compete with falsely labeled and adulterated wines as this market explodes.


The Chinese people have a sense of brand loyalty that almost borders on the fanatic. Once a brand name is established, anything with that name is sure to do well. Coca-Cola is often held up as the perfect model for breaking into the Chinese market. First established in the early 80′s, Coke could not at first be given away, although that is exactly what they did. In time the Chinese began to develop a taste for Coke, and now, more than 15 years after its introduction, Coca-Cola has a stronghold on the Chinese market. Any wine brands in China would do well to follow a similar model.


While traditional wine consumption markets in the West are all declining amid the recent global economic woes, wine sales in China have been experiencing an impressive 15 percent annual increase over the past several years, according to estimates made by U.S.-based consulting firm A.T. Kearney (ATK). Furthermore, a report issued in September by U.K.-based International Wine and Spirit Research (IWSR) says that wine consumption reached 125 million 12-bottle cases in 2010 and is forecast to double to 250 million cases by 2016.


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