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Chinese food; Loved in India

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No one is surprised to find Chinese food in India sold by a hawker making chow-mien on a great wok and selling his wares on a push cart or in a posh restaurant in a starred hotel with an exotic and expensive menu cooked by a corden-bleu chef. However, at any place not much can be said about the authenticity of the items on the menu. There is no chance whatsoever that the recipes dished out by the push-cart hawkers has anything to do with what is eaten anywhere in China. <p>

Since China is a very huge country with many geographically distinct regions where due to difference in climate, soil, rainfall etc. there is great diversity in crops harvested and food habits of the inhabitants of these different regions. Chinese food is similar to food in India, diverse and abundant in variety. Chinese food in India is however not influenced by the variety that the Chinese eat but by the preferences of the Indian consumers! <p>

Thus, you will find that Chinese Food Restaurants in say Baroda serving Chow Mien that is slightly sweet and completely different from Chinese Food Restaurants in Chennai with a rich spicy flavor. As different as cheese from chalk! This is because Chinese Food Restaurants in Baroda do not have to serve authentic Chinese cuisine but that food which the local inhabitants prefer. The most favorite Chinese food in India is different in almost each place it is served. People love it and enjoy it as it is healthy fast food that is also affordable.   <p>

Chinese food in India can be easily considered the most popular cuisine for the young population and considering that more than sixty percent of the over billion Indian population is below the age of twenty-five, the popularity of Chinese Food Restaurants can well be gauged., Chinese Food Restaurants are seen all over the country. In a country obsessed with food and cooking is an elaborate art that is practiced with commitment and dedication, Chinese food in India brings the much needed variety and exotic taste that is greatly appreciated. <p>

Chinese food in India came via Kolkata where before independence,  the Chinese food restaurants, Chinese hair dressing salons and the Chinese shoe-makers were concentrated in China Town. Nothing much is left of Chinese hair-dressers or shoe-makers but <a href=””>Chinese Food Restaurants</a> have proliferated all over the country because of the growing popularity of <a href=””>Chinese food in India</a>. Chinese food restaurants once took pride of place in the hinterland of the real connoisseurs of food; Kolkata. <p>


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