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Chinese herbs can treat advanced lung cancer and coughing up blood effectively

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Chinese herbs is very effective in the treatment of advanced lung cancer, Traditional Chinese Medicine can be used alone for treating lung cancer. At the same time it can be combined with chemotherapy, To reduce the side effects of chemotherapy and Improve the overall anti-cancer effect. Even the elderly patients with advanced lung cancer, Can also get a good treatment effect after accept the TCM. Chinese herbs do not increase the burden on treat, Especially in elderly patients. Chemotherapy is the main treatment for advanced lung cancer, but many elderly patients with poor physical fitness after surgery. The elderly’s immune system is damaged, after surgery. Chemotherapy also kills the healthy stem cells in the marrow. so that Elderly patients are unsuitable for chemotherapy. Chinese herbs can improve the physical quality of patients with advanced lung cancer. Increase the chance of patients receive chemotherapy, Chinese herbs to treat the primary lung tumor at the same time prevent cancer metastasis and recurrence. Chinese herbs have super anti-cancer activity, superblock growth of cancer cells, enhance effects of chemotherapy and radiotherapy, chemotherapy and radiotherapy to reduce toxicity, potent relieve cancer pain, high embankment immunity, security, non-toxic side effects gambling advantage. In advanced lung cancer treatment.

Chinese medicine can improve the immune system in the treatment of advanced lung cancer. Improve the patient’s body, so that patients are better able withstand the treatment, give full play the patient’s own ability monitor and remove cancer cells and prevent proliferation of cancer cells, is beneficial to post-treatment. Comprehensive treatment is often used in the treatment advanced lung cancer. Transfer foci treatment + high immunity drugs embankment. Cancer, the medical term that cancer, in medicine, said rock, ground control mechanism of cell growth and proliferation disorders and diseases. Chinese medicine to treat cancer, a centralizer, Quxie to adjust the principles of yin and yang, with the support of the symptoms and characteristics. Chinese medicine supports cancer treatment and pain-relief treatment, and helps improve the quality of life. TCM is well recognized for its remarkable effectiveness in offsetting the side effect caused by the toxic and chemical treatment of cancer cases in the western medical system. This is a traditional external treatment and its principle function is to heat Chinese herbs to promote the skin absorption of the effective ingredients. The Kanglaite Injection (KLT) is a novel broad spectrum anti-cancer injection produced from traditional Chinese herbs (the Coix Seed). is a new star of Cancer Rehabilitation Website it will be to provide the latest information about Traditional Chinese Medicine(TCM) Breast cancer treatment lung cancer coughing up blood mesothelioma Cancer Rehabilitation info


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