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Chinese Online Game Market Attracted Abroad

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In the same time the Chinese online game companies participate in international market competition actively and speed up the pace to go out, more and more foreign enterprises also locked their view in china. Reporters learned that more than 30 countries and regions, including world-renowned companies, such as Sony, Blizzard, Intel nearly 120 overseas exhibitors took part in this year’s just-concluded Tenth ChinaJoy show.

“China’s online game market growth has become one of the world’s most competitive online game markets.” The global vice president of Electronic Arts Computer Software, Peter Tseng, revealed the aspirations of the majority of foreign enterprises.

In the ChinaJoy you can see, Sony, Blizzard and other well-known game companies are increasing the exhibitors’ efforts to show the hottest game s to domestic players. The heat of Blizzard’s game “Diablo 3″ has engulfed the world; Blizzard also played “Diablo 3″ Simplified Chinese version trademarks in the current exhibition, show this masterpiece to the domestic players.

Many foreign game industry have said that, as the most representative of the Chinese game industry development platform and window, ChinaJoy annually and conference activities are important ways to understand China for foreign game industry, came to China to participate in ChinaJoy has become the preferred activities for foreign enterprises, the relevant agencies exchange with China game industry directly.

And foreign game companies have expressed the wish to participate in Chinese games market which caused foreign government, industry associations and other institutions’ great importance. It is learned that, in this ChinaJoy B2B business area for negotiation, government departments, trade associations, institutions of United States, South Korea, Canada, Singapore, Spain, Scotland and other countries were all through the organization of local enterprises on behalf of the national pavilions to exhibit in ChinaJoy.

Gathered the latest top games, technology engine and hardware equipment of the world’s leading enterprises in this ChinaJoy B2B business area for negotiation, reflecting the foreign companies have increasingly the reorganization of the Chinese game market, and are willing to come up with the top technology and products to cooperate with Chinese game companies, marking the Chinese game industry’s status unprecedented increase in international game industry.


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