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Chinese Players Get Rich by Diablo 3

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  Blizzard has not set up the server of “Diablo III” in China, as well as the official purchase point. Numerous players who want to play the game only to buy Gamekey in a very high price from second-hand dealers. Before the Gamekey buying and selling was banned, its price on the Internet once achieved to sky-high price. Many people had got a “windfall” due to the game.

  An online sale of virtual gold players, said: Diablo III exits countless business opportunities.” The players said that several years ago he was not play the game professional, but to start business, accumulated own wealth. “Diablo III” release him and his eight people team to re-gather together.

  The players: one of our team has very good English, this is a benefit, because we need to play the game in the U.S. service or on the European server, we need to open a bank account in the United States, to apply for RMB-USD credit card and then we sale virtual gold online, most of our buyers from mainland China.

  In addition, cash auction is also one of the income sources of the professional players in China. An English graduate student who spend 15 hours a day in playing games, said in the auction, sale weapons and equipment will earn a lot of money. In Blizzard, there are many professional players of online virtual trading, just like in reality, Blizzard give you a platform to showcase your own, harder you work, earn more, he said.

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  • Posted On August 1, 2012
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