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Choose from 2 the most effective drugs against erectile dysfunction

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Impotence is the inability of men to achieve and hold an erection. Impotence occurs in 40% of men aged 35-40. Many are ashamed to visit an andrologist or urologist with this problem. But it is all normal and natural. And if the erection has become weaker, it is the first signal to go to the doctor. There exist a lot of drugs that can bring back the sexual ability. Many doctors recommend to use such drug as Kamagra. Now it is the best and the most popular generic of Viagra. Chemical composition, effect and other parameters are the exact analogue of Viagra. But the benefits can hardly be overestimated. Optimal use of this generic is about one hour before sexual intercourse, when the highest effect is reached. Although the first effect will be seen after 10-15 minutes.

According to the latest investigations, today about 150 million of men worldwide have problems with erection. According to the experts, the use of another drug, Cialis Tadalafil, can help to cope with this problem and establish a normal sexual life. No doubt, the emergence of a new high-quality drug will make many men start the treatment. The effects of Cialis last for more than a day. It’s a unique opportunity allowing men to normalize their sexual life.

Let’s get back to advantages of the first mentioned drug. Sildenafil is the active ingredient of it. So, Kamagra is a powerful drug which treats erectile dysfunction disorders. No matter what the causes are: the physiology diseases or the psychological troubles. The mission of the drug is to keep the normal potency by influence on the mechanism of erection itself. The drug can’t be effective without sexual stimulation. An erection occurs naturally. According to the studies, 25 mg dose had improved erection in 62%, a dose of 50 mg – in 74%, a dose of 100 milligrams – in 82%. The optimal dose is 50 milligrams. Decrease or increase in dose may be due to physiological causes, such as age, level of erectile dysfunction, etc. The analysis showed that in addition this drug improves the quality of orgasm.

Cialis tadalafil is the only drug with an effect up to 36 hours. An erection occurs only during sexual arousal. This allows couples not to plan their sexual relationship and have a normal rhythm of life. Taking the drug in the morning, you can take advantages of its effect in the evening. Really great, isn’t it?

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