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Choose The Right Roman Shades For Your Home

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If you are pondering on ways to give your interiors a facelift . . . doing away with the mundane and the ordinary cramming every corner of the room . . . adding a touch of freshness and liveliness to the spirit of the house or even trying to avoid something that your next door neighbor may have suggested long ago . . . the solution may come in two simple words ‘Roman Shades’. These are one of the wonder strides taken towards enhancing the very concept of quick and effective interior decoration that can add an almost immediate charm to your home in as less as two hours. These two hours (or lesser) refer to the time taken for you to pull down your existing window coverings and put up your new and dazzling roman shades.

Now you may be wondering whether roman shades are from Rome, and how you could possibly import them without damaging your wallet . . . take a breather . . . it is nothing of the sort. Roman shades are nothing but classic window coverings. They are shades made of various natural materials like paper, fabric, silk and bamboo. For all who believe in having an environment friendly ambience, where there is minimum use of artificially processed materials, these shades will be just the right choice for you. These materials not only ensure proper blockage of light when shut, they also ensure that the flow of fresh air is maintained at the same time, owing to the natural porous nature of these materials. They result in rooms that are far cooler and comfortable than what the rest of available options of window coverings, like cheap window blinds would ensure.

Among the mentioned materials, fabric roman shades are loved and cherished by most home owners. This is primarily because they come is a vast range of colors, patterns and designs. They can also be made to fit windows of any size, even if they do not correspond with the standard size of windows. Fabric shades can mould into the décor of any type of interiors be it traditional or contemporary. Even paper shades come is breath taking varieties. For all those looking for an oriental eastern look in some section of their homes, the bamboo roman shades can do wonders. While these shades do not come in a large variety owing to the limitations of natural texture and color of bamboo, one can find variations in the patterns of weaving. Just looking at these shades can bring peace to a person.

What comes as an icing to the cake is the fact, that an owner can get his / her roman shade custom made. This is one among the many features that the otherwise useful cheap window blinds may not be able to provide as a regular option. With so many benefits, it is only likely that the price of the roman shades will be much more than cheap window blinds. But, it is an investment worth making for the love of your home interiors.


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  • Posted On April 14, 2012
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