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Choosing Various Ring Settings for Diamond Rings

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Women who are about to say “I do” give special attention to their diamond rings. Hence, men who want to buy such jewelry piece should take extra care in doing the task. Here are a few facts for the bachelors who want to propose to their special someone soon.

Diamonds are created from extreme heat and pressure over a thousand years. As such, depending on their exposure to natural processes, diamonds vary in size, clarity, and color. For example, there are diamonds that attract more attention because of their exceptional brilliance, in contrast with others that are small and yellowish and appear ‘cloudy’.

These different kinds of diamonds also brought about numerous design options for diamond rings and other diamond jewelry pieces. With diamond’s versatility in design, women of all ages can surely find one that matches their unique tastes, preferences, and lifestyle. The following are some of the most popular diamond ring settings today.

Prong setting: This ring design puts emphasis on the diamond, rather than the band. The prong setting resembles a v-like structure that holds the diamond in place. It has an average of six mounts that securely hold the diamond mounted on the circular metal band.

Bezel setting: The bezel setting situates the diamond in a collar of metal, which wraps around the stone. It is similar to the prong setting, but it does not use mounts and the diamond is cut in a circular manner. The circular cut gives an arc-like appeal to the ring, which makes it the traditional band for weddings. This diamond ring is available at reputable jewelry stores in Houston TX.

Channel setting: This modern design covers the whole ring band with diamonds. This type of setting is ideal for people who want to emphasize not only the precious stones but also the band. This usually takes a longer time to make since diamonds are put in one by one. Expert jewelry craftsmen at jewelry stores in The Woodlands offer this type of ring for custom orders.

Pavé setting- The name of this setting means ‘paved’, and it includes a considerable amount of diamonds which are put in the wide surface of the ring. This is the hardest of all ring settings and it usually takes a skilled jeweler to put all the diamonds in a precise manner. This type of ring setting is also available at jewelry stores in Houston TX where most couples buy their rings.


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