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Christian Becker Model NA-1 Analytical Balance

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Whether you are weighing out a sample or weighing unknowns, the new Torbal ET-l presents new standards in reading ease, accuracy and reproducibility. With the ET-1, you can quickly and easily determine unknown weights to 1 mg without using a vernier or micrometer readout device. All you need to do is keep your eye on the null indicator and rotate the weight control knobs until the needle of the null indicator is at zero. Then, read the weight directly to 1 mg from the digital display.


Sample weighing too is simple and rapid. The desired weight is set on the digital readout and material added to the weighing pan until the null indicator reads zero.


Because of the electronic null readout feature, the accuracy of the balance is not affected by sensitivity changes resulting from temperature or humidity variations. Foreign matter and wear cannot cause sensitivity changes because the ET-1 has no knife-edges or pivots. Operating on the torsion principle, the balance does not have to be arrested when objects are placed on the pan. Since no part of the weighing mechanism moves against any other part, there is no friction or wear to reduce sensitivity or accuracy.


Maximum tare with the ET-1 is 200 grams. Eight to 10 grams of infinitely variable tare can be dialed-in by rotating the tare control knob on the left side of the cabinet. Up to 30 additional grams of tare are available by preloading the balance’s second pan. And by using the built-in weight set, an additional 159.9 grams of tare are available.


The ET-1 is housed in a metal cabinet finished in epoxy enamel for maximum resistance to chemical attack and abrasion. The windshield is large enough to permit easy access to the pans with the assurance that air currents will have no effect on the balance’s performance. The windshield is readily removable if necessary.


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