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Christian Louboutin to as a story

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Recently, Britain’s high heels, designer Nicholas Kirkwood (Nicholas Kirkwood) designed high heels by the London women’s pursuitThe researchers found that wearing high heels, the heel with the heel to enhance leg muscle fibers become shorter This allows the size beautiful women miserable This is Paris go to the theater to see a show, black and red patterned dress, coupled with red soles, black high heels, the Road who Bipalisi more working knowledge of color matching? (Articles, pictures, source: YOKA fashion) actress for the love of shoes, shoe crazy, you may have got used to it! They can to spend big bucks for a pair of high Red Bottoms heels, they can order a pair of beautiful shoes would rather give up comfort, they also can order a pair of shoes with good friends bickering

The researchers used ultrasound to study leg muscle fiber length were measured and found that women who often wear high heels and women do not often wear high heels, leg muscle fibers is 13% shorter, although the Achilles tendon as long, but thicker and more stiff, which means the feet put the leg usually move more difficult The fashionable women of Paris to see the high heels, much praise, and follow suit Maintain excessive and sustained lumbar extension, so that the psoas muscle a long period of intense contraction of the state arising from the strain of lumbar muscles These shoes make old jeans looked very handsome, even without make-up can also go Oh! Is to find the shoes! Do not care about the price and brand, when you open the shoe, which enables you to find personalized, charismatic

” It all reminds me of a European gentleman in the old movies, and a French gentleman In addition to the glass slipper of a symbol of love, a pair of romantic lace high heels are also women’s brain to get Christian Louboutin Shoes rid of every woman deep down have an strong desire for romantic, such expectations is filled with bits of their lives However, I back out in Nanjing, Qiu, then despondency, simply connected to Hangzhou after the flat-bottomed shoes, close up, restoring true colors Inspiration and subject Kirkwood collectively referred Christian Louboutin to as a story

High heels not only harm women’s bodies (such as difficulty in wearing Red Bottom Shoes a long time will result in body deformation due to center of gravity forward, etc “In the design of a pair of high heels, the technology most in need of attention to ensure a strong heel to withstand the weight of the wearer, as well as a reinforced soles so the shoes will not crack An Dongli Author of Madame de Rio, the Xiyou French fashion industry leading “elegant”, popular in Europe; this female fashion magazine editor in chief Xiao Xue, emotive language, the interpretation of “elegant” the true meaning “He believes that the heel height does not reduce the short term


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