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As the rule, high-quality cigarillos are made of 100% tobacco, rarely with the addition of flavorings. There is no need of a humidor for storing cigarillos as for cigars of shredded tobacco storage. By the length cigarillos are often not superior then a standard cigarette, but there are also long cigarillos. Longer cigarillos are especially liked by ladies who believe that smoking a cigar makes them look less “sophisticated”, then smoking thin long and elegant cigarillos.

What is the difference between cigarillos and cigars? The confusion in this matter is terrible. On some packages is printed “Cigarillos”. On the other items, with the similar product of the same size is printed “Little cigars”. In the U.S., along with the category of large sized, there are positions of small and little. The criterion for classification sometimes is the price, other times – the weight. In Holland, the most common typology of cigars, cigarillos, and in addition to coronas, includes intermediate positions in the form of small senoritas and just senoritas – the difference, which in the eyes of the cigars fans from other countries, is insignificant. In England they use such labels as miniatures and whiffs (which generally are the same), and the same small and large. Many pitfalls await the neophyte in the Spanish-speaking world, where “cigarillo” means not cigarillos, but cigarettes, while cigarillos are called “cigarillo”, and “cigarra” has nothing to do with tobacco, as this means cicada. The cigar in Spanish are named “cigarro”.

Against the backdrop of this turmoil is very nice easy to legislators in those countries where all that weights less than 3 grams is known as cigarillos, and all that is heavier – cigars.

A common feature of the vast majority of cigarillos is that they are made by machines. The filling is made up of tobacco in their possession, and both ends are cut off.

Most cigarillos manufactured in Europe and the USA from the finest tobaccos grown in Brazil, Indonesia or Latin America (Cuba, Honduras, Dominican Republic), and wrapper tobacco and filling may be of different geographical origin. “Oriental” tobacco cigarillos give a spicy flavor and a mild sweet taste, while Brazilian, for example, or the Cuban tobacco varieties bring in their “bouquet” natural, classic shades.

Buying cigarettes especially branded ones enjoyed by the smoker, used to give him a lot of pleasurable enjoyment.  Having a good smoke in a relaxed manner after good dinner at home was one of the moments the head of the family used to be in happy mood. At that time other members of family could approach him for little favors. The result used to be a very good atmosphere in the family. Therefore it is no wonder has to cut down smoking or buy cigarettes which he does not like has created lot of disharmony.

Cigarillos, for sure, take significant place on the tobacco market; however discount cigarettes, including such brand as Camel and Winston cigarettes, remain to be the most popular item among smokers worldwide due to their cheap cost and high availability. Buying cigarettes online, as well as cigars or cigarillos is the easiest way to save your time and money.

Considering the availability of discount cigarettes online, the prospective smokers can now buy Winston cigarettes at very cheap prices.


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