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Circle of cucumber or eyes care home remedies

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There is a general perception of lack of sleep or staying late to connect the eye with a circle in front of the TV computer. Although living or working in and proper sleep has a role to play in the development is to eliminate under-eye circles and aging also play a role in the development of the eye cycle.

A thin membrane with a thin and becomes thinner in the cause before the time they come to view. In a significant number of blood vessels beneath the BED-eyes, skin and fat to give the appearance of a dark circular patch under the eyes of that person look old and exhausted.

There are many reasons may be more violence, dark circles under eye circles eye. May play a role in determining the genetic the eye circles as they tend to run in families, there are a number of factors such as diet and lifestyle may be in force under eye circles. Of Common causes of under eye circles aging, lack of proper nutrition and lack of sleep

We recommend that the media attention in around the eyes

now, as you know, and the effect of various circles under the eye, we take a look at popular media in the home can help you beat constantly under the eye cycle.

Crust from the use of cucumber is the most far and wide, under the gaze of the arts to take care of the cycle. Cucumber slices to reduce puffiness under the eyes of the school. For best results, use a chilled cucumber slices on each eye lid by placing two for 15 to 20 minutes.


Remove any sleep is the best way to cure a defect in everyday circles under the eyes. To try and sleep if there is one and the same day your deadline is one day, not to try and balance the siesta. At least 8 hours of sleep not only helps ensure less stress under eye circles, but can be a of the diseases are much everyone else.


Crushed Mint
The topical application of crushed mint leaves with at least 15-20 minutes twice a day for help in reduce below circles and puffiness. Mint leaves dash LEMON the good doctor to take any of these are effective, it was dark in color patches under the eyes.

Turmeric paste
Turmeric powder or mixed with pineapple juice to form a paste is a very effective treatment to rejuvenate the skin under the eyes. Turmeric paste the therapeutic properties of cells were visible by brining a more youthful appearance in the long run. Turmeric powder is paste in and around the eye area for 10 minutes and rinsed properly.



Integration with other therapies, health tips acupressure can significantly increase the healing circle beneath the eye. In the acupressure point for circles under the eyes of the index of the mountain palm. Pressing gently on the mountain not only help in the removal of visible circle, but assistance has increased in the presence of the eye.

Sun Direct to avoid
Help circles arms rays of the sun’s rays the eyes of the author. Harmful sun rays can burn the skin is fine now his eyes very easily under the eye of the round. The use of sun cream is recommended for most live in tropical countries, and sunglasses are recommended direct sun to strike a blow to the skin.

Tea will
So what is your tea cold to reduce swelling. The tea bags and much therapy should be done at least 10-15 minutes every day, in the presence of all desired results.

Rose water

Rose water is a very effective treatment to rejuvenate the skin under the eyes to recover under eye circles. The topical application of rose water using a cotton swab over and under the eyes twice daily may be struggling back to nourish the skin cells by reducing U fitness and increased recovery time.

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