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Cleaning Different Types of Glass

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Without going into the manufacturing  of the different types of glass, there are basically only two types that we have  to deal with on a daily basis. A professional window cleaning company will most  likely know the different types and possibly may run into all of them. In  business, the most common type of glass is the tempered glass because of the  way it breaks into small pieces just like your vehicles.</p>

<p>Tempered  glass is the most problematic especially if the glassmaker doesn’t know exactly  what he is doing. After they cut the glass to size, they said the edges to get  rid of the sharp edges. Then they heat the glass to around 5000 degrees F. and after  that they cool it quickly. That makes the glass break into tiny pieces.</p>

<p>In  today’s energy efficient world, contractors demand <em><a href=””>insulated glass</a></em> units for  their homes or small offices. Even some cities require this type of glass installed  in all new construction especially private homes or apartments. They divide the  insulated glass into two pieces separated by a spacer that allows air or even  gas sealed between the panes. They use the tempered glass as well for this type  of glass. Homeowners love this type of glass because it acts as a sound barrier.  Often a thin coating that limits the sun’s rays from passing through the glass  and is applied when they make the glass and then again after it goes through  the heating process. </p>

<p>Correcting  scratched glass can be difficult especially when they apply the scratches  intentionally. Painted graffiti is not usually removed; they simply paint over  the area on fences or the side of the building. However when they scratch the  graffiti on the glass it can be permanent and at the very least is difficult to  remove. In many instances, the glass must be replaced.</p>

<p>Carelessness  is one of the main causes of <em><a href=””>scratches on glass</a></em> when the glass is delivered to  the home or business. If the glass is placed flat on a surface the glass can be  damaged beyond repair by workers if they place their tools on the glass. When  you order glass from the manufacturer make sure they guarantee that they will  deliver the glass in perfect condition.</p>

<p>Cleaning  the different types of glass is best done by a professional or an informed  homeowner. There’s more to maintaining glass than soap and water, and clean  windows should be the desire of all.


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