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Clenbuterol Usage

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There are various countries that have approved the use of Clenbuterol, and this is because asthma patients use it as bronchodilator and it is only allowed to be taken via prescriptions. In the recent times, Clenbuterol has been made popular by people who are using it “off-label” as a drug for weight loss; also these people are also using sympathomimetic amines like ephedrine. Clen which is mostly used to aid slimming has not been clinically tested.

Official Authorization

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration have not approved Clenbuterol to be an ingredient of the therapeutic drugs and the IOC athletes tested for this drug are banned. FDA has also banned people from giving of Clenbuterol to animals that will be consumed as food in U.S.

It used as a drug for enhancing performance

Clenbuterol is mainly used by the β2 sympathomimetic as a drug to enhance their performance. In 2010 at the Tour de France a cyclist from Spain called Alberto Contador was banned for a period of two years because he was tested for Clenbuterol and the results were positive. The title which he won after beating his opponent Andy Schelk by thirty nine seconds was stripped of from him and again in Gi d’Italia, the 2011 title was stripped of from him.

In the U.S trials which were held in July 2008, a swimmer named Jessica Hardy from America was tested for Clenbuterol and she tested positive. She was suspended for one year after she claimed that she took this drug without knowing it and that it was from taking supplements that were contaminated. In his plea deal, Kirk Radomski who was an employee of New York Clubhouse admitted that he distributed Clenbuterol to Major League Baseball players and these players included several former and current players.

In 2008 Summer Olympics which was held in Beijing, Adam Seroczynski from Poland who was a sprint canoer was disqualified after he took this drug and he finished in the fourth position in K-2 1000 meters event. In the Dwasrs door Vlaanderen race which was held in 2010, March 24 in Belgium, a cyclist named Li Fuyu from China was tested and he was positive of this drug.

Lainer Bueno was suspended for 50 games in the 2011 season after he tested positive for the Clenbuterol, this was in September 2010 and the league was the St. Louis Cardinal minor league. Clenbuterol was found in the bloodstream of football players of the national team of Mexico in June 2001 and WADA acquitted them after claiming that Clenbuterol entered their bloodstream after they took food that were contaminated. In the Under 17 World Cup which was held in Mexico, FIFA claimed that one hundred and nine players tested positive for the drug, they claimed that the meat from Mexico is contaminated.

The use of Clenbuterol in the animals that produces food is prohibited by the European Union and in US. Clenbuterol is also referred as Clen and it used in different parts of the world for treating horses with the allergic respiratory disease because it is a bronchodilator. The most popular trade name of this drug is Ventipulmin. Clenbuterol can be used both intravenously and orally. In cattle, Clen is used in relaxing cow’s uterus and it is usually used at the parturition’s time. It is also an accelerator of metabolism and a nonsteroidal anobolic, although this mechanism is not clearly understandable. It is prohibited to be used on livestock reared to produce leaner meat because it increases the ratio of muscle-to-fat.


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