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Clogged Drains Should Not Ruin Your Holiday

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When the holiday season comes calling in in full force people get ready to gather with family and friends and celebrate this magical time. We want everything to be perfect; however, nothing ruins perfection like a clogged drain. Clogged kitchen drains can bring holiday cooking and baking to an absolute stand still. The laundry room clog can produce a flood of soapy bubbles cascading through your house-hardly the ideal holiday experience! And let’s not even talk about what a great time it is when we have a clogged toilet.

Clogged kitchen drains: Kitchen drains clog more during the holiday season than at any other time of the year; this is because if you’re like most families, this is when your kitchen sees the most use. Preparing and enjoying festive meals means your kitchen sink is busy. Everything from food scraps, dirt and debris from the preparation of vegetables, grease, soap scum, and even the occasional piece of silverware go down the drain. All of this material can accumulate and form a solid clog which prevents water from passing easily down your pipes. If you can’t dislodge the clog with your household plunger, call local plumbers right away.

Laundry room clogs: Laundry room clogs are not as common as kitchen sink clogs, but they can be more problematic, simply because of the volume of water involved. The typical washing machine can have as much as fifteen gallons of water in it during the wash cycle. Imagine fifteen gallons of water on your laundry room floor. Laundry room clogs are almost exclusively due to laundry soap scum and accumulated fabric fibers when they occur close to the drain site. This is the job of plumbing in Murfreesboro, TN experts who have specialized tools like a drain snake to get your washer running again.

Clogged toilets: A clogged toilet or one that is overflowing is every homeowner’s nightmare. The water, the mess, the smell – not the experience you want anytime, but at the holiday season it’s especially terrible. Toilets clog for a number of reasons such as inappropriate items being flushed down the toilet can be especially problematic. Diapers, feminine hygiene products, small toys, flashlights and other items can create an obstruction in the sewer lines that prevent your toilet from functioning properly. At other times, a clogged toilet can be caused by damage to the sewer lines, tree roots, and more. Unless you know what is causing your sewer line clog, it is difficult to resolve it.

Your local plumbers have the specialized equipment necessary to perform a visual inspection of the interior of your sewer lines to identify exactly what the issue is. Getting your clogged toilet back in working order right away is their highest priority, so you can get back to enjoying the holiday season with your family and friends.


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