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Coach Factory Jennifer Garner in Anya Hindmarch Nevis Rubber Tote

  • Posted May 23, 2012
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Slade is visiting a jeweler. He wants to buy Gretchen a ring and has invited Heather to go ring shopping with him. Maybe because Tamra and Vicki hate him and Alexis and Gretchen are on the outs. Weird. But I like Heather, so Plus 5 for inviting her for feedback. Slade says he likes to “reverse engineer” everything. Instead of looking at what he can afford, he wants to look at what Gretchen would like and then go backwards. Heather chatted Gretchen up for the information. The first ring he looks Coach Factory Onlineat? $250,000. The second? $37,000. And then he asks about imitation stones because it’s obvious that these are out of his price range. The way I understand it, the ring from a Cracker Jack box might be out of his price range. Heather’s solution? Buy her a band. Gretchen’s just looking for the words and the sentiment anyway. Plus 10 to Heather for not laughing in his face at that “imitation stone” line. Tamra’s meeting up with Terry to see aboutCoach Factory Outlet having her Simon tattoo surgically removed from her ring finger. She gets nervous and has to run to the bathroom and Terry and his nurse talk about how she’s a nervous pooper. Minus 5. It’s not as bad as Alexis’ nose gross but it’s still bad. Eddie’s promised to get Tamra a ring if she gets Coach Factory Outletthe Simon tattoo removed. She didn’t tell him she was going to see Terry so he wouldn’t feel pressured. Tamra has to get up from the table to go back to the bathroom. She quips that Simon’s still being a pain in her ass. Finally, she’s prepped and she and Terry talk about how Coach OutletTamra and Eddie will need to incorporate their kids into one family as he cuts a piece of skin off her finger. Wow. Plus 10 for not requesting a Valium. Vicki’s brother Billy is still in town and their chatting about Briana’s elopement with Ryan. Billy’s concerned that Briana and Ryan don’t know much about each other. Vicki seems perturbed that Briana would still like to have aCoach Factory wedding where Donn and Vicki can give her away. But that’s weird because one of Vicki’s issues with Briana and Ryan’s marriage is that there was not wedding where she could give her daughter away. Hmmm. Billy asks if Brooks would be at that wedding and Vicki says “yes. He’s my man.” Then talk turns to whether or not Donn is dating and after Billy says he’s sure Donn is, Vicki grills him for information. Minus 15. It’s party day for Melania and Mackenna. Alexis sends Mackenna to get MAKEUP. And when she doesn’t look like she has makeup on, Alexis sends her back for MORE MAKEUP. She’s FOUR. Minus 50.


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