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Cochlear Implants

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Generally used as the last option in Hearing Loss treatment, the Cochlear Implants are one of the major Hearing Aids in the present times. The Cochlear Implants are surgically implanted in the patients’ ear on a permanent basis. Normally, the Cochlear Implants are used for the patients suffering from severe to complete Hearing Loss of the sensorineural type. When other most powerful and advanced of the Hearing Aids fail to provide any benefits, the doctors use the Cochlear Implants as the last option.

The Cochlear Implants are devices that bypass the ears and directly convert the incoming sound waves into electrical signals for the Cochlear Nerve. These electrical signals are directly interpreted by the brain as sound. The Cochlear Implants consist of the following:
*    External portion
*    Microphone
*    Sound processor
*    External coil
*    Internal portion

In the surgical process, an internal receiver is implanted beneath the skin behind the ear. Apart from that, a simulating electrode array is inserted into the inner ear. The electrical signals are manipulated and controlled so that the perception of the speech is at the maximum possible level.

Having the approval of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as well as the American Medical Association (AMA), the Cochlear Implants are surgically implanted by the otolaryngology surgeons. The Cochlear Implants have been known for providing psychological benefits to the patients as well. With the surgery for Cochlear Implants possible on everybody ranging from a 12-months old infant to adults, there have been studies regarding the Cochlear Implants and these studies put forth some highly important conclusions.

Various studies have proved that the Cochlear Implants are very useful for ensuring the proper growth and development of the totally deaf infants. The research states that – earlier the Cochlear Implant surgery is done on the deaf children, the better it is. Added to that, the Cochlear Implants surgery on the adults has provided some highly positive observations which demonstrate that after the Cochlear Implants surgery, people tend to become less anxious and lonely and more socially active.

Apart from the above psychological improvements, the people have also experienced improvement in their hearing abilities. These studies amply highlight the effective nature of the Cochlear Implants. Cochlear Implants are rightly considered an important scientific invention of the modern ages as it has given deaf people a chance to hear, and to lead a normal life.
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