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Code UPC Site – The One And Only Solution For Your Product Code

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Code UPC site has always been popular among its customers for its flawless generation of Universal Product Codes and European Article Numbering Codes and that too in rock bottom price. Consumer friendly service, flawless code generation and the delivery of both Universal Product Codes and European Article Numbering codes at one go has been the forte of the Code UPC site. We strive to provide codes to our customers at prices as minimal as $ 1.29 per each code which is certainly a best deal. We will virtually leave no stones unturned to ensure that each and every code is totally authentic and a non-used one. Furthermore:

>> You could purchase 1-9 codes by paying $ 9.95 per code

>> You could purchase 10+ codes by paying $ 1.99 per code (you would have to pay only $ 19.90 for 10 codes)

>> You could purchase 100+ codes by paying $ 1.29 per code (you would have to pay only $ 129.00 for 100 codes)

The Universal Product Code which is often referred to as the UPC code and the EAN code which is often referred to as the EAN code are nothing but the most sought after coding mechanisms that help both online and offline retail marketing establishments to identify products in point of sale retail application. There are varieties of versions up for grabs that could be used in conjunction with different sizes and densities which can therefore be used in metaphorically any retail application from gigantic warehouses with gargantuan inventories to pint-sized version of shopping institutions dealing with small items with limited space for incorporating barcode applications.

The UPC (Universal Product Code) and EAN (European Article Numbering) codes generated by code UPC site do hold good for even some leviathan retailers such as Wal-Mart will certainly solicit the codes to be registered in your company name which will seek that you create your own GS1 account and perform the purchase, payment and transaction directly from them. Once you have purchase your codes from the Code UPC site, the EAN code together with the UPC code will be delivered to you via e-mail and the totally free bar code generator will subsequently help you obtain the UPC (Universal Product Codes) codes and EAN (European Article Numbering) codes.

UPC (Universal Product Code) codes is actually an array of 12 digits that means the Universal Product Code scheme does actually correspond to the duodecimal number system while the European Article Numbering code is as a matter of fact an array of 13 digits. The key drawback of the Universal Product Code is that its application could not go beyond the geographical frontiers of United States of America and Canada but the highly advanced European Article numbering has no such drawbacks. Henceforth European Article Numbering is bound to have far more global presence and utilization than its cryptographically inferior version Universal Product Code.

Welcome to the Code UPC Site! We deliver UPC codes, EAN codes and barcodes to distributors and merchants worldwide.We deliver UPC Codes and EAN codes instantly to Amazon Merchants worldwide. UPC codes for only $1.99.For more details on upc code and upc codes than please visit our website.


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