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Collaborative Law NYC

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Increasingly, couples are seeking a more constructive and less expensive alternative – Collaborative Divorce. In Collaborative Divorce, attorneys, mental health professionals and financial specialists work together with the couple to resolve all issues by agreement without going to court.

Mutual respect is fundamental in the collaborative model. Although you may no longer be married, this process promotes the vial role that you, as a parent, continue to have in the lives of your children.

The key difference between Collaborative Law Practice and ocnventional divorce is the pledge to reach an agreement instead of going to court. You and your spouse maintain control of your own decisions rather than having a judge decide what is in the best interest of your family. To accomplish this, all of the parties consent, in writing, to be part of a respectful process that leads to an our-of-court resolution. Which Collaborative Divorce, the goal is to preserve the family relationship, to solve problems jointly, and to prevent a court battle.

Even under the best circumstances, talking with your spouse may be strained as a marriage ends. Keeping the lines of communication open is essential for reaching an agreement. Collaborative Divorce provides for face-to-face meeetings with you, your spouse, your respective lawyers and your team as needed. Sessions are inteded to product an honest exchange of information and an expression of needs and expectations. When the issues are discussed openly, problem solving can be direct and solution-oriented.

When you have reached a decision about separation, the Collaborative Divorce model focuses on attaining resolution. This method protects the interests of your children and helps you and your spouse move forward with your new lives. Instead of an endless airing of grievances, this model encourages couples to reach a realistic settlement by building on areas of mutual agreement.

Divorce encompasses all aspects of life from concerns about the children to financial questions to property matters. Along with the emotional impact, handling it all by yourself may be difficult. The collaborative method is a supportive approach. You and your lawyer work as a team, and depending upon your particular circumstance, may also include mental health professionals and financial specialists. Each of these professionals is instrumental in finding constructive solutions and establishing goals for the future.

Divorce end a marriage but it does not need to sever family ties. With children, lifelong responsibilities remain. By fostering respect and encouraging cooperative between the parents, the collaborative process helps parents and children maintain family bonds and develop new lives. Divorce will always be a major life event. The collaborative method can lead you and your family to a compassionate ending and a healthy new beginning.

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