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Colorado fly fishing- Best recreational activity in United States

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The state of Colorado, one of the most picturesque states in the United States, encompasses the southern Rocky Mountains, part of the Great Plains and also portions of Colorado Plateau.  It is perhaps one of the most exotic and developed tourist destinations in the U.S.A, with the extensive Grand Mesa, the numerous falls and canyons, snowshoeing trails and numerous lakes and rivers. Colorado has become one of the most visited regions of the world. Of the many recreational activities and pursuits, the abundance of winding rivers, rushing streams, deep blue lakes and crystal clear reservoirs has enabled Colorado fishermen to develop the oldest method of angling known as fly fishing. The presence of an average 6,000 miles of streams and over 2,000 lakes and reservoirs are not the only factors, which make Colorado fly fishing some of the best in the world. It is also the copious amounts of native cutthroat trout, brown, rainbow, perch, sunfish and catfish that ensure fly fishing a hugely popular local sport and booming tourist attraction.


Recreational angling is typically a spring-fall activity as the days get longer, rivers unfreeze and are bursting with the fresh snow melt providing the anglers a welcome break from the winter chill, and more time for fishing. Also spring and summer is spawning season for rainbow trout, cutthroat trout, cut- bow trout etc. meaning the rivers are abundant with fresh catch. It’s a common misconception that spring- fall is the only fly fishing season it is a little known fact that the warm waters released from the bottom of reservoirs in winter, allows for some great tail water fishing. Tail fishing is more of a private, solitary sport, which also saves the fishermen from interfering with the reproductive cycles, which can hamper the future of fish populations. Fly fishers who are looking into booking Colorado fly fishing tours, are always eager to find the best regions for fly fishing. Northwest Colorado, Southwest Colorado, Aspen area, the Southern Front Range, and the Gunnison region are the most sought after regions by the fishermen.  A list of kid’s fishing spots and handicapped accessible regions are available from the state division of wild life website. Fly fishing employs a long rod and man made cast flies. They are usually made of hair, feather or synthetic materials, which imitate a natural food for the fish. In Colorado the most popular dry flies used are typically Nymphs like Brassy and Copper John. Also Emergers like RS2, Dries like Pale- morning Dun, Griffith’s Gnath and others like Muddler Minnow and Scud are all used frequently depending on preference and conditions. Anyone who books heir trip through Cutthroat Anglers enjoy the fly fishing immensely and it is available both for half day or a full day as one may find convenient. It is a very reasonable for one person as it is just $265 for half a day and $325 for the full day.


Fly fishing tours are a fun-filled recreational activity that’s great for families, work groups, guy’s holidays and one person trips. Colorado fly fishing is a growing industry with an increasing availability of guides, trip packages and lodging in fly fishing regions this no longer remains a difficult trip to organize. Whether it is a first time weekend trip or a continued pursuit of passion, fly fishing is a hugely popular outdoor pass time in Colorado.


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