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Colors and Textures Aplenty: Wallpapers for every space

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The art of decorating commercial and residential spaces or interior designing requires not only the skills and creativity of an interior designer, but also the tools which are used in decoration. Apart from deciding the furniture of the rooms, a lot of effort is involved in giving an aesthetic look to the room. In this regard, the color and texture of the walls play an important role in setting the right mood. This can be achieved either by going for the conventional wall paints, or by giving pattern and the color desired, by the use of decorative wallpapers.


Wallpapers are paper or fabric backing with decorative designs, which are often used to give a characteristic style and ambience to closed spaces. Today, there are many ways in which wallpapers are manufactured, and they are available in numerous fabrics and exquisite prints. Also, through a wallpaper importer, one has access to designer wallpapers from many other countries, especially America and Europe. A wallpaper importer provides one with excellent designs and good quality fabric, and the price varies depending on quality, design, origin country of wallpapers etc.


When one wishes to buy wallpapers in large numbers, then a visit to the local wallpaper wholesaler suffices, as a variety of wallpapers in terms of length, design, quality and numerous palettes can be found. What’s more, these are available to be brought in bulk amounts at throwaway prices. However, the quality of the wallpapers should be checked before purchasing the wallpaper rolls of your choice.


Wallpaper manufacturers require distribution of their wallpapers into the market. Thus a wallpaper distributor plays an important role in distributing these wallpapers to wallpaper retailers and wallpaper traders. One can buy wallpapers in bulk from a wallpaper distributor, but the charges vary considerably from that of the wallpaper wholesaler. However, the responsibility of the quality of wallpaper supplied lies solely on the wallpaper distributor, and thus a purchaser can be assured of exchange of wallpapers or money back on damaged wallpapers.


If one wishes to buy branded quality wallpapers in any amount, then an authorized wallpaper dealer should be contacted. Here, one can obtain high end designer wallpapers at reasonable prices, and also with a short guarantee period. A wallpaper dealer is the direct link between company made wallpapers and the consumer. One can buy large amounts of wallpapers here for further sale, or a few to decorate personal spaces. Wallpaper adhesives provided are either starch or methylcellulose based.


A wallpaper retailer sells to the end user, and the prices of the wallpapers will not be more than the maximum retail value (MRP). However, one cannot avail in most cases exchange or return of once purchased wallpapers, and with no or very short guarantee period. On the other, a wallpaper trader will sell wallpapers at a slightly elevated price and the buyer must focus on the quality, length and requirement before purchasing, in both the cases.


Wallpapers are easy to install and maintain. Thus, these provide a convenient means to decorate spaces and enliven the atmosphere of a room.


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