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Common Eye Care Tips An Eye Specialist Would Likely Encourage

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The Common Eye Care Tips are unfortunately not very commonly followed. The busy schedule in modern life has minimized the scope for following the Eye Care Tips diligently. The average person does not spend time to take the easy steps that are recommended by the Eye Specialist. This negligence is a primary reason for the various Eye diseases which often result in complete blindness.

Some Common Eye Care Tips which an Eye Specialist would likely encourage are as follows:

          .    Eyes should be regularly washed with cold water at regular intervals. The rising severity of air pollution exposes the eyes to lot of pollutants like dust particles and other impurities. Washing the Eyes at regular intervals will save them from the dust particles and other impurities which cause infection.
         .     Proper sleep is must for healthy eyes. Just like the other body parts, eyes also need rest and thus sleepless nights should be avoided. Even if it becomes necessary to burn the midnight oil, one should compensate the sleep deficit to ensure that eyes get sufficient rest.
          .    Long hours before computers, laptops and television sets should be avoided. Prolonged exposure to such devices proves detrimental to the individual’s health as they also cause injuries to the hands, neck, back and shoulders apart from the unease in the eyes. Short breaks should be taken every 45-60 minutes. Constant staring at the computer or television screens should also be avoided.
          .    Avoid looking straight into the bright lights emerging during welding process. Observing the process of welding can be a fascinating experience with all the bright sparks being thrown out of the points being welded. This is especially true for children. However, looking straight at those bright sparks should be avoided as they put heavy stress on the eyes.
          .    Reading books, etc. in the lying position or in moving vehicles should be avoided. An upright sitting position should be maintained while reading.
          .    Eye-protection unit should be used while dealing with unsafe materials like paint thinner, ammonia etc. Sun-glasses should be used while going out in the sun.
          .    Regular Eye Tests should be scheduled with the Optician.

These Common Eye Care Tips are very effective in preventing and reducing eye-related problems. When it comes to one of most crucial body parts such eyes, prevention is definitely much better than the cure. The Home Eye Care Tips should, thus be followed sincerely.

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  • Posted On August 10, 2012
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