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Common Knowledge of Iron ore Shaking Table

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Hongxing concentrator table is mainly composed of eight parts as follows, spindle headstock, electromotor, adjustable slope, tabletop, bunker, water channel, raffles and lubrication system.The reciprocating motion of concentrator table is finished through the crank connecting type transmission mechanism. Through belt transmission, the electromotor makes the belt wheel drive

the crankshaft rocker up and down. When the rocker moves down, the bracket drives aft shaft and reciprocating lever moving backward. And the tabletop also moves backward. When the rocker moves up, due to the expansion force of spring, the tabletop moves forward.

The ore processing of concentrator table is on the lean table board with raffles. The ore is fed in through the ore feeding chute upper table board; meanwhile, the water is fed through the water feeder transversely. Under the impact of vibrating wave, the materials go on vertical or horizontal movement based on the different proportion and granularity. The ores with different proportion and granularity move down in ladder-shipped state along with their own movement, then discharge from the fine concentrate end and tailings end, finally they are separated out to fine concentrate, middle concentrate and tailings.

Application of Shaking Table

Concentrating Tables are designed to wet gravity-based separation of minerals and other granular materials. There are many applications where the concentrating table is of particular value and cannot be equaled for economical and efficient performance. They are effective in processing precious and base metal, rare metal and non-metallic minerals.

The Benefits of Shaking Table

Shaking Table features in good high-grade ore sorting rate, high efficient, easy operation and maintenance, easy stroke adjustment. When change the horizontal slope and stroke, the shaker can still maintain running balance, springs installed compact and stable inside, the final ore concentrate and the final. feed grizzly:
ore separating line:

Working Principle of Iron ore Shaking Table

The motor drives the eccentric shafts to rotate and the connecting rod to move up and down. With the rod moving down, gold-bearing particles on tilting deck installed by rifle spokes go into the feed box. At the same time, water stored in the water tank impacts the minerals laterally. So by the means of shaking and washing, minerals of different sizes and densities flow from discharge outlets, which separate concentrates and tailings clearly and efficiently. Since the gold ore shaking table have been upgrading in line with advanced technologies, their production and accuracy have improved significantly.

Under the condition of proper operation, the mineral zonation is very clear on the bed; however, the final products are classified 2-4 kinds according to strict separation indexes. Middling ores are usually reprocessed specially. When the operation condition has changed, zonation and selection should be adjusted accordingly so as to keep the stability of separation indexes. Therefore, operators should hold responsible for their work, monitor the situation of zonation carefully, and make some adjustments if necessary.The water used by shaking table can be divided into two purposes, which are for washing and selecting minerals. Flushing water should be controlled in a suitable flow and distribution. Generally speaking, big flow is good for improving the grade of concentrates, but it is bad for recycling. In a word, the flow should become big when dealing with coarse-grained materials and making a careful selection.

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