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Comparing the Cost of Using Internet Video Advertising

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Every company has to advertise if they want to have customers. People have to be told

  • where your store is located
  • what items you sell,
  • what services you provide,
  •  about your prices, and
  • your customer care policies.

The above is true for the individuals who run High Street stores as for those who have online stores and businesses.

Every company has a budget for the amount of money they can spend on advertising. They split the amount of money that is in their budget up between the different types of advertising they wish to do. Online video marketing is one of the many different types of marketing that merchants are using today to reach their targeted customers. There are also opportunities to advertise in leaflets and brochures, on billboards on the sides of the road, in regional newspapers, on internet banners, on national television, on regional television, and in national newspapers, in regional magazines, and even in cinemas. Each of the different types of advertising cost a differing amounts and each has unique qualities that make the business choose it.

Video production is big business in the United Kingdom. You can find companies in the West Midlands that are capable of producing different types of video productions including internet video. These internet video advertisements are possibly one of the most economical means of getting the message about your company to the appropriate people.

With an online video you are going to pay close to £595, and this is a far cheaper cost than you will pay for any of the other types of video productions. The internet video that you have made will air on video websites and on your own websites for as long as you choose to run them. If you were to place a regional television ad on air it would run for a short number of slots, be played to only the regional audience, and cost you approximately £58,000. That makes internet video cost look like a drop in the ocean, but the greatest value of internet video is that it will be viewed by anyone that has access to a computer. Your ads will not be seen by just the small audience that receives the regional station you chose.

You can get advertising that is cheaper than the internet video – if you buy 1000 pamphlets and leaflets it will only cost you approximately £395. The drawback is you are limited to reaching only 1000 potential customers, you have to pass these flyers out by hand, or pay to have them delivered by the mail carrier, and most people throw these items away without even reading them.

Internet video usage for small business advertising has increased over 200% in the last three years. This increase is due to the fact that the price of internet video advertising now fits into most marketing budgets.


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  • Posted On May 30, 2012
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