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Complimentary SWTOR Smuggler Builds In Order To Rule Star Wars The Old Republic

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If you are looking for a class in Star Wars The Old Republic (SWTOR) that is exciting and not too boring to play, the SWTOR Smuggler is one of the best choice for you. SWTOR Smuggler builds that focus in the aspects of Tanking, PVP, Leveling and DPS are not easyto come by these days and this SWTOR Smuggler spec guide will help you pinpoint the exact gameplay you need to follow if you want to become a successful Smuggler in Star Wars The Old Republic.

SWTOR Gunslinger and SWTOR Scoundrel – Which one should you choose?

There are two advanced classes for the Smuggler class in SWTOR and they are called the Gunslinger and the Scoundrel advanced class. For the most part, Gunslingers deal more damage but the Scoundrels have more support and healing capabilities. If you like to play as a damage dealer and you want to get ahead of the battle zone, going for the Gunslinger Smuggler is your best bet. However, if you are more of the support player and you want to play your character safe, going for the Scoundrel Smuggler is a great alternative.

Smuggler PVE Leveling Build

If you are a Smuggler in SWTOR, you are dealing your damage from long range. Because of that, you must have a leveling build that will allow you to deal damage from afar and still allow a bit of survivability if ever the opponent is able to get close to you. For Scoundrel Smuggler Leveling Specs, the best Talent tree for this task is the Scrapper Tree. But in case you prefer to use a Gunslinger class, the preferable Smuggler Gunslinger Level Spec will be the Saboteur Talent tree.

Smuggler PVP Build

Like what I said earlier, SWTOR Gunslingers perform best when they are used as damage-dealers and SWTOR Scoundrel Smugglers stand out in the healing aspect. We can maximize these innate advantages of the two classes by creating a Pure DPS Swtor Gunslinger Smuggler and a Pure Healer SWTOR Scoundrel spec. To do this, you must place 33 points in Saboteur, 5 points in Sharpshooter and 3 points in Dirty Fighting Talent tree if you are a Gunslinger. For the Pure Healing SWTOR Scoundrel spec, you must place 37 points in Sawbones and 3 points in the Scrapper Talent Tree if you are a Smuggler Scoundrel.

The builds above are definitely not fixed and you can still do a lot of tweaking in order to improve your perspective and gameplay experience. Finding exact point-by-point allocation for your SWTOR Smuggler build might be difficult, but SWTORDominance is a website that you can consult for these purposes. There are videos in the website containing builds and specs not only for Smugglers but also for Jedi Knights, Sith Warriors, Sith Inquisitors and all the other Jedi Classes. If you really want to dominate the game of SWTOR, finding the best SWTOR builds for your gameplay style is a very important thing that you must not overlook. Try visiting SWTORDominance to see if you can find SWTOR Smuggler Specs to suit your needs.


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