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Condominium and Townhouse Insurance in Fort Myers, Okechobee, Clewiston and Labelle

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If you own a condo or townhouse in Fort Myers, Okechobee, Clewiston, and Labelle in Florida, you have a lot to protect including the interior of your condo or townhouse, your properties, and yourself. Associations may cover your common areas and the outer structure but you will still need to protect your personal property. You have to find a condominium unit owner policy that would protect your personal property, legal responsibility to others and improvements or customization you have made to your condominium or townhouse. When purchasing an adjoined unit or townhouse, you are much vulnerable of incurring damages from an unforeseen water damage or fire damage. If these events occurred, who will be responsible? Consider these instances. If your unit had a fire and smoke damage and then it affects your neighbor’s unit. Or your dishwasher leaks and causes the unit below to have to replace their ceiling, electrical connection, etc. Or if it happened the other way around, who will be responsible for all of it? First thing that comes into mind is that association will cover it but that is not generally the case. John Perry Insurance has been helping businesses and individuals find an insurance policy that befits their needs for 25 years.


H06 Insurance will be the policy for this type of protection. Without it, you will need a hefty wallet to cover your interior damage and the damage of your neighbors. It provides personal liability coverage and medical payments coverage. At John Perry Insurance, our experienced and caring staff will walk you through the details of what you need for your condominium or townhouse insurance and why you need it.


We are an independent agency with access to multiple insurance carriers like Dairyland, Foremost Insurance Group, Safeco Insurance, Metlife, National General Insurance, The Hartford, Progressive, etc.

Our team of courteous and assistive staff will guide you with every inquiries and concerns you have in mind. Call 863-983-8222 today for advice and assistance. We also welcome all calls for a consultation.


We cater services across cities in Florida such as Bonita Springs, Cape Coral, Clewiston, Fort Myers, Labelle, and Okeechobee.


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