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Construction Company

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Construction Company

A Construction company is very simply put a company that provides the service of building or assembling infrastructure.

Construction companies are made up of various types of professionals from carpenters to electricians. When thinking of all the jobs that would be represented when a building is built, that can give you a good idea what a construction company is.

Construction companies work in conjunction with other professionals including architects as well as civil engineers. A construction company consists of a whole plethora of skilled craftsman, the construction companies job is to successfully coordinate all these professionals in order to get a building built that meets the requirements of both the engineers as well as the architects, not to mention pleasing the owner that has hired them to do the job, as well as adhering to state and local building codes.

The construction site professionals for the construction company will include the following.
*Tile and Marble Installers
*Window and Door Installers
*Masonry Contractors
*HVAC Specialist
*Interior Designers
*Landscape Designers

Although mentioning every field that participates would be too long to list, this gives you a good idea of who the construction site professionals would be in a construction company.

For a construction company the most challenging aspect of the job is to make sure that all the professionals or (sub-contractors or for short the subs) show up do their job right and in a timely fashion and that the building project is pleasing to both the owners and the governing professionals which are the architects and engineers. Usually the term given to this governing process is known as the General Contractor.

However the General Contractor is actually more of a group of people instead of just one. This can include the project manager, assistant project manager as well as the superintendent. As you can see the term General Contractor is actually a blanket term for various professionals inside the company instead of just one person.

A construction company is like a small town with various people doing various tasks that all work together to get the project completed.



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