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Contributions of Cultural Exchange

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The world is getting smaller thanks to the means of morden transportation and communication. The whole world community appears to be no more than a large globe village where the residents came together with different backgrounds and values. While experiencing the inevitable cultural exchanges and as well as cultural clashes, the villagers seek to live in harmony. In this modern world, the advanced culture has never been an isolated phenomenon, but the products of extensive exchanges with other cultures. Of course, the route and main current of any culture must bear its own distinctive national features.

Cultural exchanges are by no means a process of losing one’s own culture to a foreign culture, but one of enriching a nation’s own culture. Through cultural exchange, different cultures can absorb and influence one another. Mutual influence is a very complicated phenomenon in the field of culture. Therefore, absorbing foreign culture is a process of taking a bite, chewing and digesting. We should adopting the principle of eliminating the false and retaining the true, discarding the draws and selecting the essential, exporting more and importing the bests, and resisting corruptive influences. I don’t believe that such a practice will result in the disappearance of the particular features and styles pertaining to particular cultures. On the contrary, different cultures can learn from each other’s strengths to offset their weaknesses and complement one another.

As a matter of fact, thanks to china’s economic development and the improvement of its citizen’s life, the vision of Chinese people has broadened. Their taste for art has improved. And they have developed more interests. They are not only concerned about Chinese rational and modern culture and art but also eager to know about the trends of cultural development across the planet and to learn about different styles and schools of art. While absorbing the essence of a foreign culture, we should not be content with imitation without creation, and opposition the simple imitation we still creation. And as such, it will be impossible for us to scale new heights in art and impossible to present the world excellent works of our own creation. Simple imitation is by no means equivalent to novelty and originality. On the contrary, novelty and originality result from the combination of modern and traditional styles, the combination of these distinctive features of foreign cultures with those of our own nation, and the combination of artistry and education.

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