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Convincing Loved Ones to Move to Waterloo Assisted-Living Facilities

Moving a loved one to an assisted living facility here in Waterloo can be a difficult task, especially if they can’t accept the fact that they need to move from the comforts of their own home. It can easily be one of the toughest challenges a family can face. Yet sometimes, it needs to be done, for their sake and for yours.

The best way to go about it would be to talk to your loved one first. Let them get used to the idea and don’t pressure them to make a decision. However, if their health is quickly deteriorating and you have no way of helping them, yet they still can’t make a decision, here are a couple of things you can do.

Be a Parent

Your loved one’s safety should always be a top priority. If they don’t want to move, tell them that you’re not waiting for a broken hip or a heart attack to convince them of the need to live in an assisted living facility. You have to be the parent—any emotional turmoil stemming from this is better than risk something happening to your loved one.

Consider a Multi-Level Facility

When looking for assisted living facilities here in Waterloo, you should definitely consider multi-level facilities. These facilities offer different levels of care such as independent living, assisted living, medical care, special care for those with neurological diseases, etc. This can help convince loved ones with health conditions that require constant medical supervision.

Ask About Activities

One of the most common reasons elderly people cite for refusing assisted living services in Waterloo, Iowa is the ensuing boredom and isolation. By asking about activities in a particular facility, you can prove them wrong. In fact, most seniors who move into these facilities flourish and have a lot of fun with all the activities and interaction they can enjoy.

Ask for Help

Once you’ve picked out an assisted living facility that offers senior services in Waterloo, Iowa, you can ask for their help. These facilities are familiar with this problem and would know what to do. With their help, you might just be able to convince your loved one.

For elderly loved ones who don’t really need constant supervision, you could consider facilities that offer in-home care in Waterloo, Iowa—these entail caregivers dropping by the house to help every so often. For more information, check out


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