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Cook mouthwatering pork meatballs following Cattle Boyz’s recipe

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When you go for dinner at a restaurant you can choose dishes from an extensive menu but when you go out for a picnic, a camping or adventure trip in the wild or on the hills, you can’t expect such service as it is impossible to find a restaurant deep inside the forest or an uninhabited valley. At such places, you can satisfy your taste buds and stomach by cooking for yourself. What you need for enjoying dinner at such places is a barbeque apparatus and some recipes for a barbeque. Wide varieties of mouthwatering recipes for the barbeque are available and they are so simple that you can turn the chef of the night without having the expertise in cooking.

There is a secret formula than can help you do magic with the grills. Just copy some recipes for a bbq from and more importantly, the bbq sauce that are particularly suggested for each recipe. You and your mates are going to have the best outdoor party if you prepare your bbq dish according to the instructions given on a bbq recipe. Your job is simple and can be completed in just a few step. Just pick up the required ingredients from the market before starting your journey and then find a place near your camp where you can set up the bbq and keep the other utensils such as spoons and bowls.

Here is a recipe for Pork meatballs, a delicious snack that you can enjoy with wine or beer at the evening sitting in front of a camp fire.  Note down the ingredients that you would need to prepare spicy pork meat balls:

·         1 and a quarter pound of ground pork (you may also use beef)

·         4 tablespoon of butter

·         6 tablespoon of onions (finely diced)

·         1 and half cup of soft bed crumbs

·         Half cup of milk

·         1 egg

·         1 and a quarter teaspoon salt (or according to the limit you like)

·         Half teaspoon of nutmeg

·         Quarter teaspoon of allspice

Start with heating the butter in a big thick bottomed pan on low heat. Put the diced onion in it and cook on medium flame still the pieces turn golden brown. Keep stirring occasionally to avoid burning and sticking. In the meantime, take a plate, put the pork the bread crumbs and milk in it. Put the egg after beating it thoroughly and add the mixture of salt, allspice and nutmeg. Mix the ingredients well and then make 1 inch balls with the mixture. Heat 2 more table spoon of butter in the pan and add the meatballs and the onions to cook over medium flame for some time. Shake the pan to get uniform browning so that all parts of the balls get equally heated. When the balls are done, remove them from the pan and put them on paper towels to drain out the excess fat.

When the surface of the balls gets dried, serve them on plates with Cattle Boyz Gourmet BBQ Sauce. You may also take the alternative way. Put the balls in a slow cooker, cover them with the sauce and then heat them for some time.  

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When there is no restaurant around to take your orders, help yourself by preparing a delicious bbq dish. Download exciting recipes for a bbq and prove your cooking skill. for more information please visit us :


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