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Cosmetic dentistry and orthodontic services

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The main aim of the Tiong Bahru Dental Surgery Pvt Ltd is to offer world class orthodontic services to its customers at quite reasonable price range. The clinic of this company are equipped with latest and advanced tools and equipments. The company offers world class measures to check infection in the teeths and other such teeth related problems.

The working staff of this company is fully trained and apt enough to provide world class dental services to the customers. The Tiong Bahru Dental clinic is located in easily accessible location and it remains opened all the year except on Sundays or on public holidays.

The hosptial offers Venner which are laminator of ultra thin type which are fixed on the teeth directly. The Veneer is there to improve the appearance of the teeths or to protect the damaged surface of the teeth and root canal. The Veneer is made from basically two types of materials and they are procelain or composite.

A procelian veneer is fabricated indirectly by the dentist in the labortary and then it is bonded to the teeths of the patient. The composite veneer on the other hand is bonded directly on to the teeths of the patient. The veneer is used as cosmetic dentistry options to restore the teeth which have been discoloured or fractured or is also used as multiple teeth in order to create makeover of Hollywood type.

It has been observed that many people have teeths which are small and the brace do not fits on them. In some persons the edges of teeths get worn away resulting in giving them an aged appearance and some people have crooked teeths. The multiple veneers will help in closing these spaces and increase the size of the teeths which have got worn away. The Veneer provides the broken and rough teeths uniformity and regular size and appearance.

If we look at orthodontics we will realize that  it is a branch of dentistry which is related with treatment and study of malocculsions which can appear due to irregularity of teeth, disproportionate relationship of the jaws, or due to combination of both these two factors. The orthodontist also deals with control and alteration of facial growth.

Then there is the wisdom teeth extraction, the wisdom teeths are the last teeths to appear inside the mouth. There are four wisdom teeths, two in the upper arch and two in the lower arch. These wisdom teeths appears from the gums, but sometimes these teeths do not emerges from the gum. The wisdom teeths are extracted because of two reasaons, the first being that the wisdom teeths have been affected or decayed or the second one is that these wisdom teeths may become problematic in the future time. Infections can take place when the food particles gets trapped inside these wisdom teeths, because the brushing cannot properly clear out the food particles from these wisdom teeths. These infections can also results in severe pain in the teeths or the mouth of the person. The ceramic braces are used to check the uncontrolled and haphazard growth of the human teeths.


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