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Create a great solo ad

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Create a great solo ad

How to make a Great solo ad the easy way.

Simple, let a professional do that for you, here’s how.

First let me tell you about two guys i know called

Dave and Dave. Both average people with super human

skills. Dave Wood is a guy who lives in the mountains

in Costa Rica, travels the world and helps to create

dreams. Started off homeless, working from the boot

of his car.

Dave Sharp. This guy wow! He was a construction

worker. Working 9-5 for pay or J.O.B. (which stands

for just over broke), you know too much month at the

end of the money. Dave Sharp is the professional


Here ‘s what you need to make a “Great Solo Ad”

So to create a good sales ad first you need skills,

1 A great copy

2 A compelling story.

Let me tell you about Empowernetwork

Empowernetwork is the visual blogging system that rocks.

(You earn 100% commission)

The reason this system works so well is the two guys

already mentioned above have lots of experience both

have proven track records.

The reason the head line makes so much sense is because

when you are a member you receive swipe copy, which

you can use, so you don’t have to be a pro copy award

winning internet marketer with all the skills.

Simply take the copy and send it out to everybody you

know. If you don’t have too many friends and family

just email all your facebook friends. Then you can start

to create a list which will, over time help to increase

your income.

That is how easy it can be to create a fantastic and

professional solo ad.

There is only one problem, you have to become a

member of EmpowerNetwork, which is easy.

Click on the banner and watch the video

Start to Create Great solo ads,

follow the three simple steps and have fun.

watch this video

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