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Create Your Own DJ Songs with Virtual DJ

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Whether you are in a house party, night club or listening to radio, you can find some excellent DJ songs. When you listen to these DJ songs, have you ever dreamed of making your own style DJ songs? If so, why not have a try right now?

Making a DJ song on your own is much easier than what you imagine. No any technical skills required. No need to buy some expensive DJ equipment like turntable, mixer, pair of headphones, etc. All you need is a free yet great software-based DJ tool.

Tools and steps to create your own DJ songs

There are so many DJ tools for audio and video mixing available on market. Some are completely free and some have both free and paid versions. The highly recommended Virtual DJ here belongs to the latter.


Virtual DJ, with more than a million new downloads every month, is the most popular application for audio and video mixing at present. It comes in several versions (Home, Broadcaster, Pro Basic and Pro Full) with different price and functions. Of all the versions, Virtual DJ Home is complete free for you for non-commercial use. Featuring DJ Players with Controls and Pitch, Internal Mixer with Gain and Equalizers, Key Lock/Master Tempo and more, this Home free version includes everything you need to create good DJ songs if you don’t own or don’t plan to use any additional DJ hardware like mixer, turntable, etc. It can meet all your requirements for creating a DJ song.

Virtual DJ has simple and intuitive to use GUI interface that allows you to create a DJ song in 3 simple steps. After Virtual DJ free download and installation, the first step you need to do is to choose the most appropriate music based on your style and the type of evening. Next you need to mix the music and modify the music to make your DJ song. This is just a simple tutorial about how to create DJ songs with Virtual DJ Home. For detailed information, you can visit Virtual DJ official website and get the user guide in PDF format.

More DJ tools and equipment

If you just want to make a DJ song for fun, Virtual DJ Home Free is the best choice as it can meet all your needs. However if you want to be professional in DJ, that’s far from enough. Professional and excellent DJ software and equipment are required under this circumstance.


Virtual DJ Pro Full is a better solution if you intend to become a DJ. This paid version includes all the features of the free Home version, plus a great number of advanced options, like Intelligent Automix Mode, Full Skin Customization, Timecode Vinyl Control MIDI/HID Controller/Mixer Support, etc. Virtual DJ Pro Full is good, but it will cost you about hundreds of dollars. But you can choose Virtual DJ Pro Basic as a great alternative if Pro Full version is too expensive for you.

DJ equipment like DJ Packages, Computer DJ Gear, DJ Mixers, DJ CD/Media Players, DJ Turntables, DJ Headphones, DJ Effects and BPM Counters and more. For better results, it’s better to choose famous DJ equipment brands like Behringer, Bose, Gemini, Gemsound, GMI, MTX, Pyle, Pyramid, Squier & Technical HiFi, etc.

Tip: If you want to download Virtual DJ, please go to the best free software download website –, to get it and more user reviews and other related information.


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