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Create Your Own Home Theater

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There is nothing quite like going out to see a movie, the smell of freshly popped popcorn in home theater, the selection of candy in the case and of course the crowded seating. You get sit in the dark waiting for the movie to start watching endless coming attractions. We have all grown up doing this and it is as much a part of American history as rock and roll and the hamburger.

Home Theater Design

Home Theater Design

For decades this experience was restricted to those evenings when we could afford to shell out our hard earned money for the ticket and the goodies to sit in rows of seats that were far too small and close together, with no leg room. We have enjoyed countless thousands of movies, some we paid to see more than once, others we would have liked to get a refund for. No matter how you look at it, the movie theater is an all American experience that cannot be had anywhere else, or can it?

Today we can buy widescreen television sets that cover half the wall in our home theater family room and have pictures that rival those in theater. Even if you missed your favorite 3-D movie in the theater, this is no longer a problem as the latest innovations include DVD players and televisions that are capable of reproducing the same effects. Complete digital surround sound is available that accurately reproduces the soundtracks and when the speakers are placed properly rival any theater.

This is just a start as you can now watch your favorite movies at home, but if you are watching them from the couch something very important is still going to be missing. Sitting in your living room with a bag of microwave popcorn on the couch to watch a movie just is not the same experience as going to the theater and catching a movie.

It does not have to be this way, what if you could create a home theater room in your house that would provide you with the same experience?

Today, more people are recreating the entire movie theater experience by putting together one room in their house that has been specifically designed to watch movies.

You can start out with home theater seating that while far more comfortable than the seating in your local Cineplex, is still in rows. This seating is more like to be a row of recliners made by companies such as Berkline and in many cases even includes a built in cup holder. There are many different styles and brands to choose from so that you will be far more comfortable than you would be in a theater, but still get that same movie theater feeling.

It does not stop there, no theater would be complete without popcorn and to help create the smell and sound of popcorn popping, you can add your own movie theater popcorn popping machine and ditch those nasty bags from the microwave. You can even add in your own candy counter and stock it with all of your favorites just for the nights when you are watching your favorite movie.

If you to fully recreate the full experience you will find that there is a wealth of theater décor you can buy to put together one room in your house that look just like the cinema. You can add soundproofing to the walls and theater curtains to go with it that will make your surround sound system provide you with the same level of ear splitting and seat rattling sound you are used to enjoying when you go out for the night.

Want to add those final touches to your home theater for the ultimate experience?

Why not add a set of posts and ropes leading into your home theater room and throw in a custom movie intro DVD that welcomes your family and guests into your home theater while they find their place in your home theater seating in anticipation of the movie to come?

If creating a home theater room in your house that is much more than just big television set sounds like a fun way to bring friends and family together to watch your favorite movies,

you will find everything you need at Stargate Cinema. Here you will find home theater seating form top line manufacturers such as Berkline, popcorn machine, candy counters and so much more. You can buy movie posters, custom made intro DVDs and all the decorations, sound treatments and furnishing to turn your family room into a complete home theater that will have your neighbors lining up for tickets to the next show.


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