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Creatively Spreading Awareness With Custom Badges, Pins, And More

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All marketing campaigns have at least one thing in common- increase brand awareness. One of the biggest challenges any company faces is successfully getting their name out in order to become a recognizable company. As a result, business owners are always looking for different ways to market and promote themselves. One option is to take the traditional, more conservative route by taking up adds in newspapers, magazines, and television. Some of the more savvy owners, however, think outside the box by implementing unique methods of promotion. One of the more creative ways to promote a brand is through the use of custom lapel pins, custom badges, and embroidered patches. Many businesses have found success in using these unique, cost effective methods of promotion in order to increase brand awareness. This article will highlight some particular uses of these methods, as well as what makes them so effective.

As previously mentioned, most companies conservatively use conventional means of advertising through such mediums as television and magazines. Over the years, the effectiveness of this approach has consistently declined. The average consumer has subconsciously trained himself to tune out commercials, ads, and billboards. As a result, business owners need to be more creative in order to successfully reach consumers. Distributing custom lapel pins or patches are a fun and cost efficient alternative. Custom patches and pins are effective for many reasons. Not only is it different, it is a tangible item that people can hold on to, or even wear. They spark interest and conversation from anyone that sees people who are wearing custom embroidered patches or pins. Such a unique way to connect to people gives your brand an identity, and leaves a lasting impression. Ask yourself what is more memorable: a 30 second commercial amongst dozens of others, or custom lapel pins that no one else is giving away.

You can promote just about anything with custom badges, patches or pins. Be Creative! Use them to promote your logo, slogan, or specific products. The sky is the limit with this type of promotion. Thanks to companies like Norco Incorporated, brand awareness with tangible goods has been made simple, and readily available. With Norco, you can submit literally any image you can come up with, and they will use that exact image to create custom embroidered patches, pins, badges, and more. Spreading brand awareness using this method is an absolute no brainer. Imagine if someone asked you if you were interested in spreading brand awareness in a unique way that costs less than traditional advertisements, leaves a lasting impression, and allows you to connect directly with customers. Any business owner that hopes to stay in business would say, “Sign me up!” Don’t hesitate to get your own embroidered patches and other items. While a television commercial lasts for 30 seconds before it ends, your patches and pins keep on circulating.


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  • Posted On August 11, 2012
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