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Crusher to the strong stability based on the market

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Crusher to the strong stability based on the market

xingbang adhere to the crusher device as the main development direction in the future -Peony1701 In recent years, continued to ball mill strengthen with the engineering and construction machinery industry as a whole rose situation, broken machinery industry has shown a good momentum of development.Strong support for the future, as the “12th Five-Year Plan on the high-end equipment, new industries and equipment, crusher machinery will continue to appear as a focus area, the situation of rapid growth, so as to drive the continued rapid growth in the machinery industry as a whole.According to the analysis, broken machinery future growth of the main direction of the market share of product upgrades, and new product innovation and R & D to form a new growth point.At present, the broken machinery industry in China will usher in major opportunities for development, mainly reflected ball mill in three aspects: a broken machinery market in China has become the focus of attention of the international equipment manufacturers, due to broken machinery replacement is relatively fast, especially small the life of the crusher is only three to five years, The domestic replaced each year about 20% of the total demand of the crusher crusher, and provide a strong impetus for the rapid development of the broken machinery;, infrastructure construction has become the primary task. in the process of infrastructure construction will produce large amounts of construction waste.At present, China’s construction waste accounted for 35% of the total municipal solid waste in accordance with 550 tons / million square meters of standard projections, by 2020 China will add about 30 billion square meters of construction area, broken machinery in the regeneration and utilization of construction waste The process will play a major role; three new 10-year plan of the western development and reconstruction will lead to a crushing machinery industry will drive the crushing machinery demand, as the country continues to expand domestic demand, the pace Kaolin Rotary Kiln of infrastructure construction to increase flourish.Broken crusher of the industry energy consumption more than the current pollution, low-carbon economy, the crusher will be how to improve in order to meet the current needs of economic development, a series of the problem xingbang of market for careful analysis of the development and production in the crusher on a masterpiece of technological innovation, energy saving and environmentally friendly crusher become the object of its main research, corporate research and development of a variety of broken equipment, have already invested in the market, energy-saving jaw crusher, impact crusher, cone crusher and other equipment in the industry spoke highly of , in order to promote the development of the industry as a whole has played a huge role in promoting.Sand washing machine manufacturers, clay dryer on the “12th Five-Year” period, a large number of infrastructure construction projects, high-speed transportation Concrete brick making machine and other projects have been started, will directly pull the broken machinery market demand, broken machinery industry in China will usher in the development of opportunities can be described as a bright prospects for the development of the crusher!

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  • Posted On June 19, 2012
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