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Crushers for Sand Recycling System

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Crushers improvement history may be traced back to the 1850s, once the worlds very first jaw crusher was born within the United states, and soon after using the development of productive forces, jaw crusher continues to be broken can not meet the technology desires, so based upon jaw crusher, people had designed the effect crusher.

Far more well-known impact crusher in the abroad corporation, Japans Kawasaki Heavy Industries, the German company of HKD, Spain Rover firms and so on. But influence crusher somewhat late improvement in China, to the 1950s, China has seriously broken machine. As a result, Chinas crushing and screening equipment, generally 50s came out. Within the 1980s, we produced impact crusher is limited to processing the really hard components of coal and limestone. Right up until the late 1980s China has introduced KHD-type tricky rock impact crusher, it filled a gap-free of substantial hardness crusher. However the technologies was behind twenty years to abroad.

Crushers are often used in sand making process. At the same time, it is also vital in fine sand recycle system. The following text will introduce you this system.

First: Transmit the mixture of sand and water to the vortex device, and fine sand, centrifugal classified and concentrated, is delivered to the vibration sieve by the grit mouth shaker. Then, the fine sand and water will be separated effectively after the dehydration of vibration sieve .At the same time, a small amount of sand and mud will be returned to the cleaning tank by the returned bin. If the depth of cleaning bath surface is too high, they will be dispelled through the discharged port. The density of recycled materials weight of linear vibrating sieve is 70% to 85%. Adjusting the fineness modulus can be done by changing the pump speed and the concentration of mortar, adjusting the overflow of water and replacing sand mouth. Thus, to complete the functions of cleaning, dewatering, and grading. sand washing equipment:
combination crusher:

Features and advantages of fine sand recycle system: 1. As the Spiral sand washing machine is applied in the washing of mud and Dehydration of man-made sand, during the traditional wet processing, the outflow of man-made sand is nearly out of control. By using such sand recycle equipment, the loss of sand effectively can be reduced within 5-10 percent, which will finely solve the issues of higher finished fineness modulus sand and Lower dust content existing in the artificial aggregate processing system.

2. In order to maximum the life of sieve screen and make it smoother, We fix the shaker by Polyurethane screen.

3. With Polyurethane screen inside of cyclone, life of the whole equipment is lengthened and makes the process of Slurry concentration and liquid Clarification smoothly. 4. 85% of the maximum total emissions of fine particulate materials in fine sand recycle system has the unparalleled technical and economic advantages comparing with other equipments. 5. The efficient recycle of sand can reduce working abandon of Sedimentation tanks and saves the costs of clean-up. 6. The sand recovery system reduces the natural stack time of fine material, so it can be transported immediately into market. 7. We can design plans according to different requirements of the clients.

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