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CSI (UK) – Specialist Supplier of Engraving Plastics

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CSI UK provides specialist supply, service and support of Epilog Laser Machines, parts and materials to the UK market.  Epilog Laser manufactures high performance C02 and fibre laser systems that produce unbeatable laser engraving, cutting and part marking results. We also stock a large variety of engravable plastics.

In this article we look at engraving plastics.

A big part in the laser engraving process is played by the material on which the engraving is to take place. Selection of the right material is very crucial in getting a good quality finish and the desired result. Although the lasers are capable of cutting and engraving on a large variety of materials such as the paper, leather, wood, glass or ceramics but the one material which gives really remarkable results and shows the most profound effects is undoubtedly the new range of specifically designed and exclusively created engraving plastics. These engraving plastics are now being manufactured by some renowned companies and well established players who have introduced their own unique collections to meet the different demands and diverse expectations of their customers.

The engraving plastics are available for both the laser engraving and the rotary engraving systems. The best part of these materials is the high level of versatility and the ability to incorporate different designs and colours which can give them any kind of look as may be desired. We can have stone patterns in speckled sands and granites to classic marble look or we may have a wood finish with designs rich in natural beauty and classical appearances. If the customer requires a metallic impression, then a whole range of products with attractive options and brilliant colours is also available. The companies making these products have created such a vast range of materials with some really beautiful designs and innovative ideas that a person is really spoiled for choice.

There is no dearth of features that can be added to just about meet any kind of customer specification. These features are not limited only to the look and finish of the product but also to their durability, strength and service life. The engraving plastics can be broadly categorized as laser engravables, interior rotary engravables and exterior rotary engravables. The laser engravables include the laser thins, heavy metal series, gold coast series, lazrMirr, laserTUFF, gemstones and ADA etc. This range is only indicative and not exhaustive as each company also has their own specific products under their own brand names.

The engraving plastics in interior rotary range engravables include designer series, architectural series, corporate series, hardware series and attention grabbers series to name a few. On the other hand engraving plastics in the exterior rotary range include spotlight series, advantage series and exterior series among others. Most of these products are available in front and reverse engravable versions and has a large range of surface and letter colour. The other features of these laser engravables include the choice of Matte or gloss finish as well as the option of having a translucent version which are most suitable for backlighting.



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