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CSI (UK) – Specialist Supplier of Epilog Laser Machines and Materials

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CSI UK provides specialist supply, service and support of Epilog Laser Machines, parts and materials to the UK market.  Epilog Laser manufactures high performance C02 and fibre laser systems that produce unbeatable laser engraving, cutting and part marking results. We also stock a large variety of engravable plastics.

In this article we look at laser engraving

Technology is impacting our lives in so many diverse and miscellaneous ways. Not only is it playing a big role in making our lives easier and comfortable but it is also helping in creating a world which is more clean and beautiful. One such amazing invention is the development of laser technology which has had far reaching implications in improving our lives and making things much more simple and effortless. One of its many uses have been found in the area of engraving or marking certain products which involves the use of lasers to either engrave something on a material or for making a desired mark on the required surface.


In the case of conventional methods one had to use inks or tool bits to create the necessary marking but in case of laser engraving no contact with the surface is required. Due to this non contact methodology the end result in laser engraving is far more superior in quality than in cases where one has to take the help of physical tools. Moreover the laser technique is far more eco friendly and cost effective in the long run as there is no need for regular replacement of expensive bit heads or polluting ink materials. These features give definite edge to this superior technology over its traditional peers in both the quality as well as the economy.

The one thing that has really supplemented this really wonderful technique is the introduction of specifically designed materials on which the effects of laser engraving are even more pronounced. Such materials include many novel alloys and laser sensitive polymers and are commonly available in the form of engravable plastics, wood and cermark range of products. These materials are available in wide variety of patterns, colours and design so that the user has a lot of choice to select from and get the innovative designs and finishes which give their products a contemporary and ultra modern look.

The most crucial part of laser engraving process is undoubtedly the laser engraving machine. This machine is the heart of this technology and a lot of advanced science and research has gone in its development so that we now have some of the most wonderful products which can deliver excellent results. The whole process involves the use of three major components or parts which are generally known as the laser pencil, controller module and the engraving surface. The controller is a computer with appropriate software that sends signals regarding the direction speed of movement and intensity to the laser pencil which in turn directs the beam to the desired surface. In this way you can get some really good quality and high standard 2-D and 3-D engravings.



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