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CSI (UK) – the latest revolution in the arena of Epilog Laser machines and materials

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CSI UK offer expert supply, service and support for Epilog Laser machines, their parts and materials to the wide UK market. Epilog Laser manufacturers high performance C02 and fiber laser systems which produce matchless engraving, cutting and marking results. We also provide wide-ranging laser materials.

Laser engraving is one of the biggest revolutions over the customary engraving methods. It is performed using a machine which would not be directly in contact with any surface where the engraving has to be done. Laser is the only tool that would have direct access to the surface that has to be engraved. Utilization of lasers for imprinting purpose has made the engraving procedure really easy that was once considered as an intricate process. This new method has confirmed that it is indeed the best form even to the older methods that were simpler and comprehensible but required immense care.

The laser beam has so much power that it requires being restricted when it’s employed in the industrial sector or else it may just cut that surface that has to be engraved. The machines used for laser engraving were introduced during the 90’s where the machine’s working was entirely controlled by the installed computer hardware and software. All such automation systems actually hold a well-made hardware as well as software in order to control various operations of these machines. In the beginning these machines were designed to carve several types of materials such as plastic, glass, forest wood etc, however with the overwhelming success of the laser engraving machines, many companies began implementing laser on copious other areas like hot stamping, automation systems, laser marking systems and many more.

Today, laser engraving is the most popular and preferred methods of engraving because of its scores of advantages. Unlike the traditional engraving methods, it does not involve the use of toxic chemicals and thereby does not result in any residue after the engraving process is completed. Moreover, during the working of the machine there is no production of dust which is again a wonderful feature of these machines. Further, when compared to the older methods this machine produces very minimal sound. The amazing part is that as these laser engraving machines do not have direct contact to the surface where the engraving has to be performed, thus with their use designs or pictures can also be engraved on bumpy or uneven surfaces.



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