At some point of life, we all suffer from constipation. Constipation is not a serious illness but a symptom. It refers to bowel movements that make it difficult to pass stool. It is the case of painful defecation. There is no specific age when constipation can occur. It can happen for a child who is recently born too. Constipation usually occurs more in children.

Constipation occurs either due to overeating or due to eating stale food. Sometimes the food that we consume are not good for the body that it does not get accepted by the digestive system. Sometimes too much of oily and junk foods do cause constipation too.

Prevention of Constipation

It is said that Prevention is better than cure. It is very true as if we follow proper food habits we can avoid getting constipation. Even though most people feel that constipation is just a small problem which can be solved quickly but we fail to know that constipation can sometimes lead to serious problems if proper treatment is not taken.

Constipation can be avoided by following the steps mentioned

    * Drink lots of liquid. This will enable liquids turn into solid stool.

    * Eat Healthy food. Eat lots of healthy fruits and vegetables. You must eat more of fresh and unprocessed food.

    * Avoid eating junk food as they can lead you to put on weight and also it can alter your digestive system

    * Exercise regularly as this helps to pass the stool regularly

Some Constipation remedies

Any illness we encounter we expect quick treatment and solution. Sometimes we would be in a situation when we are unable to go to the doctor or hospital,we do not get treatment for our constipation. Sometimes we call the doctor and he is out of station too, we will be left with no option. In such cases it is better to try small treatment from our side and be prepared for such illness in the future. Trying to follow natural constipation remedies can sometimes cure constipation if it is not a serious illness. These Natural constipation remedies can be called as base of real constipation remedies and have been known from the time when modern medicines and technology was not known. Even though some do not believe in these remedies and would prefer to knock on the doors or doctors or hospital but these remedies are successful.

Some of the remedies are:

    * Use of seeds of plantago plant which is also known as psyllium as it is rich in fibre. This should be taken with water.

    * Use of Ground Flaxseed. This too should be taken 1-2 teaspoon with water

    * Magnesium is one of the most common home remedies used for constipation which is very effective

What are Intestinal Parasites

Constipation that occurs in humans is due to parasite symptoms. Parasites attack the body in various forms and some of them are too dangerous and can cause severe alterations inside the body. The effect of parasite symptoms is such that it can not only cause a stomach problem but if proper treatment is not taken in future it can lead to other major diseases like intestinal cancer and other cancer of the organs.

To conclude, we all know that constipation does occur due to the wrong diet that is followed and the intestinal parasites that attack our intestines. We should see that we follow a proper diet and do regular exercises to keep ourselves fit. By being fit, we cannot invite any diseases to our body.


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