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Customizing Firefox plug-in development results in its massive popularity

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Mozilla Firefox has seen tremendous success as a browser. Now to add to its popularity, developers come up with user specific add-ons that make the browser faster, user friendly and organized. The increasing demand for customization results in Firefox plugin development and fresh Firefox add-ons keeps the surfer glued to this browser.

Dating back to history, Firefox has always shown inclination towards innovation and has frequently sported many make-over in the form of its versions. It kept on improvising through MathML, HTML5 and CSS3. Because of its adaptability towards the growing demand and extensive Firefox plugin development, it is used by nearly 40% of the Mozilla users.

Some of the most popular Firefox browser plugins are:

Firebug: Best for developers, this extension helps bifurcate the webpage into ‘guts’ i.e. HTML, JavaScript and CSS while letting you modify the page and see the results instantaneously.

LiveHTTPHeaders: This smart plug-in shows the web server data and is easy to implement than through the command line. HTTPfox is often used as a substitute to LiveHTTPHeaders.

JavaScript Debugger:  The most widely used Mozilla JS Debugger; this is actually a boon for the developers for it removes the bugs with finesse and makes debugging a cakewalk.

ServerSwitcher: For monitoring live productions and development sites, you don’t need to use separate browsers or keep rebooting Firefox as this extension provides you the flexibility to switch the servers in the same tab and at the very moment.

Poster: This tool creates very good interaction between web services like HTTP requests. With this add-on you can easily set the content type, enter test data etc and check the results simultaneously.

All these plugins can make your browser super smart. These are a result of high end plugin development and actualize exceptional user experience and are thus very popular. Research developers are coming up with dynamic toolbars which are best suited for personal and professional sites.

Being an open source Firefox entices developers to design creative stuff that facilitates browsing. Developers are tapping features of Firefox and devise new fangled plugins for personal and professional sites. Firefox being open to customization enjoys all the popularity and has been a successful crowd puller.

There are plenty of Firefox plugins available, you can just browse through and install the one which suits you. When you want to make add sophistication to your Firefox browser, go for Firefox browser plugins and see the mind blowing results!!!

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  • Posted On June 19, 2012
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